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Allina Health opens a new Eden Prairie clinic

The Minneapolis Heart Institute (MHI) and Abbott Northwestern General Medicine Associates (ANGMA) have collaborated to open a new Allina Health clinic in Eden Prairie.

The clinic, which opened Jan. 11, offers an integrated care model that provides adult patients with cardiovascular and primary care in a differentiated and seamless manner, according to a press release.

“Our mission is to ensure that patients are supported at every stage of their care experience, from the moment they book an appointment and open the door to the clinic, to how they communicate with their healthcare teams. care,” said Dr. Craig Strauss, cardiologist and vice president for quality, innovation and advanced analytics at MHI.

Allina Health’s new Eden Prairie clinic.

The clinic offers digital health technologies and solutions that will foster collaboration between care teams, help patients manage their health issues and make communication more seamless. Educational courses will also be offered.

“We want every patient to feel personally connected to the care they receive,” said Chris DuFresne, vice president, Allina Health Consumer Experience.

The clinic is located at 775 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 300.

See the clinic website for more information.

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