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Author, entrepreneur and philanthropist announce Kehoe Family Foundation website and Mayo Clinic support

Kevin and Lorraine Kehoe are the founders of the Kehoe Family Foundation, whose multigenerational team supports charities from coast to coast, including the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

We want to teach future generations of Kehoes the importance of “giving back” and learning this idea early in life. We are looking for organizations where we can have a significant impact by donating both our time and our money. – Kevin R. Kehoe, Founder of the Kehoe Family Foundation

Aspire Software Founder, Author (“One Hit Wonder”) and Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Kevin R. Kehoe officially announces the launch of the Kehoe Family Foundation website ( and support for charities from coast to coast, including efforts to increase patient access to cutting-edge cancer treatments at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Founder and philanthropist Kevin R. Kehoe was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer shortly after founding Aspire Software in 2014. Kevin received a three-year survival prognosis of 30% and is grateful to the team from the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and its senior oncologist, Dr. Tara Seery in Laguna Beach, California, for her support and care over the past eight years. While building Aspire Software into a scalable company, Kevin survived seven surgeries, five rounds of radiation therapy, and months and months of chemo. When he asked Dr Seery why she thought he was still alive when others diagnosed with him had died, she replied: ‘You’re lucky. Your Cancer is probably what we call a “good actor”…that’s my best assessment. »

After the company was fully acquired from Kevin R. Kehoe in 2021, he wrote a book “One Hit Wonder” to help fellow entrepreneurs and others achieve success in pursuing their dreams. Additionally, Kevin and his family members established a philanthropic foundation in 2021 with the idea that future generations of Kehoes would be involved in donating to causes aligned with family values.

As the grandson of Irish immigrants and eldest of six children, the mission of Kevin’s new foundation is to: “Engage future generations of Kehoe family members to be actively involved in responsible giving to organizations that support the founder’s values ​​and causes.” Kevin explained, “We want to teach future generations of Kehoes the importance of ‘giving back’ and learning that idea early in life. We are looking for organizations where we can have a significant impact by donating both our time and our money. »

Core members of the Kehoe Family Foundation include the two founders Kevin and his wife Lorraine Kehoe, as well as Julia M. Kehoe (Kevin’s daughter), Michael Kehoe (Kevin’s brother), Deirdre Chanis (Kevin’s sister and his two boys – Kevin’s nephews), and Matt Kehoe (Kevin’s nephew).

As a stage 4 cancer survivor, Kevin was keen to support community awareness and engagement through the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center in Arizona. This includes efforts to increase clinical trial access to breakthrough cancer therapies and the establishment of a patient navigation program that reduces barriers for patients and their families to improve their care and overall experience. .

Kevin added, “We are pleased to announce that the new Kehoe Family Fund for Cancer Awareness and Community Engagement has been established at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and honors Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD, a physician who works with patients requiring specialized cancer care. ”

In addition to the Mayo Clinic, current Kehoe Family Foundation grantees include Hillsdale College, SUNY Stony Brook Athletics, From tunnel to towers, Turning United States and the National Association of Landscape Contractors.

In his book on leadership,An amazing shot,” Kevin R. Kehoe shares his inspirational life and business lessons to help readers succeed in an entertaining storytelling format. Kevin points out: “It can take years to reach a decisive moment of success. For many “One Hit Wonders”, like musicians, success does not define their life or their legacy. The true story of a one-hit wonder is the focus on a lifetime’s work, as well as the chance to have a mega-hit that will always be special and memorable.

Or as Kehoe puts it; “We all dream of being ‘Superman.’ between us, in all its banality, can change the world.

And with millions of students heading back to school in August, Kevin R. Kehoe encourages them to learn more about donating their time and money to organizations that support their values ​​and how they want to give back. the better world.


“One Hit Wonder: The Real-Life Adventures of an Average Guy and the Lessons He Learned Along the Way” (2021) by Kevin R. Kehoe


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ABOUT: Kevin R. Kehoe (Scottsdale, Arizona, b. New York, New York) is an inspirational author (“One Hit Wonder”), co-founder of Aspire Software, entrepreneur, philanthropist (The Kehoe Family Foundation), and Stage 4 Cancer Survivor, who was born and raised in New York City, and has lived most of her life in Southern California with stops in Florida and Texas along the way. After doing small business consulting for 30 years, Kehoe’s personal “One Hit Wonder” co-founded Aspire Software in 2013, which was sold in 2021 to ServiceTitan. Kehoe is the grandson of Irish immigrants, the eldest of six children, who survived Catholic schools and nuns, two marriages, six layoffs, motorcycle accidents and stage 4 cancer His life experiences have included being an altar boy, altar boy, business consultant and entrepreneur, motorcycle racer, surfer and marathon runner. A graduate of SUNY Stony Brook, Southern Methodist University and ASU Thunderbird School, Kehoe now lives in Arizona with his wife, Lorraine. Kevin has a daughter who lives in St. Louis. Fun fact, Kevin likes coffee in the morning and tequila in the evening. His personal goal and mission for “One Hit Wonder” is to “leave the earth in a better place than I entered it.” His work has been featured in Fast Company, Real Leaders, Authority Magazine, BookLife, School of Startups and numerous podcasts. For more information, follow author Kevin R. Kehoe and visit


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