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BCC will transform the house of Emganwini into a clinic

BULAWAYO City Council

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) plans to renovate a house in the sprawling suburb of Emganwini and turn it into a makeshift clinic as the local authority has no budget to build a proper health facility In the region.

The plan comes after the Bulawayo Residents Association (Bura) and the Progressive Bulawayo Residents Association (BPRA) petitioned the local authority over the lack of health facilities in the suburb.

Emganwini is the only suburb of the city without a municipal clinic.

Bura and BPRA have since approached Constituency Legislator Phelela Masuku to request assistance under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to construct a clinic.

Masuku promised to facilitate the release of $3.8 million under the CDF for the construction of the clinic, but the council said the money was insufficient.

“After consultation with the Director of Housing and Community Services (Dictator Khumalo), the department had established that the cost of constructing a clinic was $3 million, therefore $3.8 million was insufficient to complete the project”, we read in the minutes of the BCC.

“The Director of Housing and Community Services further advised that building the clinic in stages was costly as there were overheads that could be incurred, including security costs.

“The advice from the Director of Housing and Community Services was that the Emganwini Clinic project had not been included in the decentralization funds allocated for the 2022 project, so it is prudent to channel resources into a project that could be completed. like a satellite clinic.”

After further consultations, the fathers of the city agreed to identify a house to be renovated into a makeshift clinic.

“Once the renovations are complete, the house would be turned into a makeshift clinic. The CDF had deadlines. A resolution was urgently needed. Subsequently, it was decided that consideration of the matter regarding the construction of the Emganwini Clinic be postponed pending further information,” the minutes add.

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