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Business owners fear opening an abortion clinic will have negative effects

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Kristina and Kevin Rose have owned Carpetland USA in Rockford, a family-run business since 1984. It was inflation that scared couples, but now those fears are growing for a reason. different.

“No one really wants their business to be next to an abortion clinic,” Kristina Rose said. “It’s a very hot topic right now, very controversial.”

The new clinic that will provide abortion services is expected to open on Maray Drive. Rose’s business is just down the street.

“When all the parking spaces are taken by the abortion patients or the protesters,” Kristina said. “We no longer have space for our customers.”

“Businesses along Maray are limited for parking, were landlocked,” Kevin Rose said. “That being said, the one protest we had so early in the game has already created some problems.”

The couple are one of several nearby business owners who told legal experts at a meeting early Wednesday morning that one of their concerns is that protesters outside the clinic are refusing their clients .

“There will be protests non-stop, there is a daycare center behind our business where kids are constantly coming in and out,” Kristina said. “So all the children will see the graphic signs.”

“As a father of seven, for the kids to see the graphic images being broadcast,” Kevin said. “It saddens me deeply.”

Owners say it has nothing to do with their views on abortion, but everything to do with their views on business and how it is conducted.

“They will bring patients through the Stateline,” Kristina said. “So the traffic, I’m sure you can assume.”

The meeting was organized by Rockford Alderman Frank Beach, after he said he had received several concerned calls from property owners in that area.

“It’s better to be proactive about this, than reactive,” Beach said. “I congratulate them for agreeing to come here today to start the dialogue, and in fact to have been able to bring the two parties together. It is positive.

Some owners say they can seek legal advice themselves in addition to attending these meetings, to see how they can best protect their business.

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