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Clinic at Open Door Health Center moves from Salvation Army to Connections Shelter

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – Open door health center has partnered with the Salvation Army to host its shelter clinic.

Early Wednesday morning, Outreach Coordinator Sonia Munoz, along with RA Care Coordinator Emilia Fude, provided free flu shots, a COVID-19 reminder, telehealth appointments and other services.

“We know we can’t do everything for everyone here,” Mankato Salvation Army captain Andy Wheeler said. “So it’s a great joy to be able to recognize that to partner with other bands that are really good at certain things.”

Outreach coordinators travel to communities in southern Minnesota and help connect people to Open Door Health Center services, including medical, dental, and behavioral care.

“Everyone deserves care. Right? And I feel like if we don’t, then who else is going to? So I just feel like I can help our community and provide some of the care they need, I feel like that’s our job,” Munoz explained.

Wednesday marked their last day of the year at the Mankato Salvation Army. Yet they say their work doesn’t stop there.

Starting next month, the shelter clinic will move to the Connections Shelter to provide care and access to residents.

“It also puts our face as a whole as an open-door health center so people know they can come see us,” Fulde said.