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Compass Health Enters Phase II of New Behavioral Clinic in Everett

EVERET, Wash.Health Compass has entered phase II of its Broadway Campus Redevelopment project – demolishing an outdated building in downtown Everett to make way for a modern, more efficient clinic that will tackle the area’s challenging mental health landscape that has only increased due to the pressure of the pandemic.

Located at 3300 Broadway, Compass Health believes this project not only represents the continued transformation of downtown Everett, elevating the surrounding area for neighbors and local businesses through its aesthetics, but a transformative shift in the recognition that Evidence-based behavioral healthcare is central to the well-being of local communities.

“We pride ourselves on creating a state-of-the-art environment that reflects the sophisticated care our teams provide and the dignity clients deserve,” said Tom Sebastian, President and CEO of Compass Health. “This will allow our behavioral health professionals to keep community members engaged in treatment, prevent seizures from escalating, and help stabilize clients’ well-being so they can stay on track to meet their goals for housing, employment, contributions to their communities and overall recovery.”

The new clinic in Everett will be 72,000 square feet and will provide intensive behavioral health services that will meet the most complex and visible needs of community members, while utilizing its ability to keep pace with the growing growth in the region, Katherine Misel, Firmani + Associates Inc., informed the Lynnwood Times.

The clinic will include a 16-bed inpatient assessment and treatment center, a 16-bed crisis triage center, intensive outpatient behavioral health care services and offices for crisis prevention, outreach teams. and community engagement. Through these programs, the facility will serve approximately 1,500 people at more than 30,000 service locations each year.

Through the 16-bed Inpatient Assessment and Treatment (E&T) unit, Compass Health will serve an additional 250 clients per year, representing more than 5,000 days of total care allowing clients to remain in their communities, facilitating family visits, seamless coordination of care and efficient transition to follow-up.

Compass Health’s 24-hour crisis prevention center, the 16-bed crisis triage center, will help those experiencing a behavioral health crisis by providing access to support and services such as offering short-term crisis intervention and prevention services.

In addition to these centers, the new facility will offer a variety of programs, including the Assertive Community Treatment Program (PACT), an intensive, evidence-based outpatient treatment program designed to help adults with behavioral health disorders. severe and persistent; and the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which serves people with severe and persistent behavioral health issues whose needs are better met through more frequent contact and outreach.

It will also offer an Extended Community Support (ECS) program, which provides services to support adults and seniors who need to be placed in adult family homes or skilled nursing facilities, but have difficulties in maintaining their placement needs due to mental health issues.

According to Compass Health, this suite of services will also help reduce demand on other local resources, including hospitals, law enforcement and community responders, and help clients avoid jail and prison services. emergencies or hospital stays. Compass Health executives anticipate the facility will offer the highest quality clinicians and support staff, employing 130 long-term health and behavioral medicine professionals.

The project is made possible by a recent $1 million grant from the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust in 2021 for design and construction. Washington State Capital Funding including $14 million in statutory appropriations and $7 million from the Department of Commerce. U.S. Representative Rick Larsen also recommended $2 million in federal funding for Phase II as part of the fiscal year 2022 spending bills awaiting full congressional approval.

“This project is the largest and most comprehensive initiative in Compass Health’s history,” said Tom Kozaczynski, director of advancement for Compass Health. “Community support has been and will continue to be instrumental in making this a reality and, in turn, providing care to thousands of clients and meeting high-priority needs in Northwest Washington.”

The current building at 3300 Broadway does not currently have a demolition date. The new behavioral facility, which takes its place, is currently undergoing the design and permitting process with a completion target of 2024.

The development team for Phase II of the Broadway campus redevelopment project includes Lotus Development Partners (responsible for development and construction); Ankrom Moisan Architects (project architect); KPFF (structural engineer); Harmsen (civil engineer); Bush Roed Hitchings (Surveyor); Sider + Byers (mechanical and electrical engineer); SiteWorkshop (landscape design); HDR (Envelope Consultant); RWDI (LEED advisor); and BNBuilders (pre-construction services).

Stages I and III

Phase I Permanent Supportive Housing, At Andy’s, officially opened in May 2021, and is almost at capacity. A virtual grand opening and ceremony took place last year inviting attendees through a video presentation highlighting the units, features and community spaces the building has to offer its new residents and the community as a whole.

Phase III of the campus redevelopment will focus on integrating behavioral health services with a primary health care clinic and pharmacy, in addition to supporting other services available to thousands of community members across the Snohomish County and beyond.

“Overall, this three-phase project embraces our goal of enabling people to receive advanced care in the communities in which they live, helping to ease the pressure on law enforcement and community responders and ease the burden local hospitals and homeless services,” said Sébastien. “We are grateful to everyone who continues to support our vision of providing exceptional behavioral health services to the community. »

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