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Dawson Springs opens new medical clinic

DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) – Less than three months since the December tornadoes, and Dawson Springs now has a newly rebuilt medical clinic.

The old town clinic was destroyed by tornadoes. This new clinic means that locals now have a permanent place to go for medical care in town.

When December storms tore through parts of western Kentucky, the Dawson Springs Medical Clinic was not spared.

“Our clinic was virtually destroyed, so we knew right away that we were going to have to do something to provide care and meet the needs of the community,” said Robert Ramey, president of Baptist Health Deaconness.

They set up a mobile clinic and a tent to meet the medical needs of the area. The temporary facilities had no running water or even toilets.

Now there is a permanent solution in place, with a new medical clinic operational. The new facility took less than three months to set up, which officials say says a lot about the city.

“It shows that there is vitality in this community, that they are good people, that they are working hard to recover what they had and rebuild,” said Allen White, medical adviser to the deaconess. “It will be a symbol of that. This clinic is a symbol of how this community is here and it is here to stay and it will come back.

Baptist Health Deaconness says the clinic will benefit the 2,500 patients it has in the area. The clinic has eight examination rooms and is working on an imaging room, as well as physical and occupational therapy facilities.

Officials say they hope it can be a boon for a region that has been through so much.

“Dawson Springs is such an amazing community and such a resilient community,” Ramey said. “And through all the devastation, to see all the volunteers, but to see community members come together to support each other, but also to support our clinic, it’s really been something that has been inspiring to watch. “

City officials at Wednesday’s event said the new clinic shows Dawson Springs is a place worth saving after the storms.

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