Clinic consultation

Dr. P Usha, founder of Samanvi Skin Clinic, decodes the intricacies of skin beauty treatments

How often should a patient see a dermatologist?

The skin is the first noticed part of a person and is often seen as a reflection of our mental and physical health. I recommend everyone choose a dermatologist who understands their skin’s needs and personalizes their skin care regimen. Regular visits to dermatologists help achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

What are the popular treatments in your clinic? Why do people prefer these procedures?

Popular procedures at our clinic include microdermabrasion, which aids in skin exfoliation and is therefore preferred by many as part of their skin care routine. Medical facials have grown in popularity as they are seen as the science-based alternative to salons. Botox has always been popular, even young people choose to do it to prevent future wrinkles these days. We are also seeing a growing demand for lip fillers across all age groups. I would recommend taking a consultation to determine the best procedures for your skin type based on your skin needs.

What are the new technologies and procedures in the world of dermatology?

New technologies continue to emerge in the world of dermatology, and we at Samanvi Skin Clinic do our best to provide our customers with proven, top quality procedures. Hifu- is an innovation where high intensity focused ultrasound waves are used to reorganize disturbed cells and define the jaw line. MRNF – microneedle radiofrequency is an excellent technology useful for treating scars, stretch marks and rejuvenation

What are the characteristics of your clinic that distinguish it from other dermatology clinics?

Samanvi Skin Clinic started in 2004, with the intention of providing treatment for all skin conditions. Since then, we have continued to evolve with our skin treatment approaches to provide clients with the latest and greatest procedures available. Additionally, we established the Samanvi Institute of Dermatological Sciences to combine dermatology and cosmetology under one roof. In the future, we aspire to become a one-stop destination for all our customers’ needs in our spacious premises.

What are the most recommended dermatological treatments for skin maintenance?

Keeping in mind the effects of aging on the skin and the various environmental changes affecting our skin, maintaining healthy skin is a lifetime commitment. Some of the treatments I would recommend would be skin exfoliation, vitamin infusions, and collagen-boosting sessions done at least once a month, in addition to performing custom dermal procedures to achieve and maintain younger-looking skin and glowing.