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East meets West at this Singapore wellness clinic

Yes, we get that the phrase ‘East meets West’ might sound a little cliché at this stage of the game, but the new One Wellness Medical clinic in the city center could be one of the few times to pull off. the crackle of this old writer who makes sense. .

Led by Eu Yan Sang, one of the region’s leading traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) providers, One Wellness Medical builds on the emerging trend of holistic medicine – providing patients and clients with care that goes beyond traditional inpatient and outpatient procedures to cover things like emotional, physiological and social well-being.

The advantage of One Wellness Medical, as you might guess, is to provide a comprehensive blend of conventional general medical practices and complementary Traditional Chinese Medicine. True to a trend very close to the best clinics in the world, the new clinic uses a robust primary care approach to match you with doctors who build a relationship with you over time and provide personalized care with your medical needs in mind. specific. – as opposed to a GP who might have hundreds of patients a week coming in and out of their exam room.

The clinic covers a wide range of different treatment and wellness programs for all kinds of ailments. Their health screening options can help you identify specific areas of need, starting with basic general exams to more specific screenings for liver, heart and thyroid health, as well as pain and heart disease management programs. diabetes.

Many programs start with conventional GP practices, including all the exams and tests you would expect from a standard clinic, and complement them with proactive TCM diagnosis and suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes to bring your Qi in balance (the life force that TCM practitioners believe underlies human well-being).

For example, the Cardiac Wellness Program includes a Cardiac Profile which checks for atherosclerosis, cardiac enzymes and includes an ECG. After that, patients receive two consultations, one with a general practitioner and another with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

The clinic also offers pre-employment exams and work permit exams for those who need them. Screenings can also be customized if you don’t see the right combination of services listed on the website – this is where the holistic approach to primary care comes in.

You will find One Wellness Medical on Robinson Road, right in the heart of the city. So it’s ideal if you work downtown and want to schedule an exam during the week. A new branch also opened at i12 Katong in March. Booking an appointment is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. their website or by calling 6568-0320.

The clinic also offers dope opening kits for a handful of procedures! Get a TCM consultation, plus cupping and Bixeps treatment from QuantumTX for S$88. The Bixeps treatment, if you’re curious, uses magnetic fields directed at a specific part of your body. Early pilot studies showed that the treatments could speed up recovery from muscle and ligament injuries. The treatment aims to simulate the effects of exercise without requiring physical exertion, which means it is best for people who have to stand or who are too old to exercise.

You can also get a TCM consultation with acupuncture and Bixeps treatment for S$98, and a full package (consultation, cupping, acupuncture and Bixeps) for S$128. All prices are net and inclusive of VAT.