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Fundraising Goal for New Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic Project

ELLINWOOD – A group of regional leaders will lead the complex effort to build a new, $22 million replacement hospital in Ellinwood. Kile Magner, CEO of the facility, said the 15 team members “were selected and recruited to work on the project because of their leadership, commitment and energy.”

While most of the cogs in the design and funding were done in-house by staff and consultants, members of management honed in on PR issues, provided community feedback as a whole and held a $1,250,000 “Building a Healthy Future” capital. Campaign which is one of the keys to financing the new campus.

Steering Committee members include Jon Prescott, Marvin Sessler, Rod Weber, Rob Dove, Troy Moore, Justin Joiner, Mel Waite, Kristy Rupe, Karen Sessler, Brittney Bailey, Marian DeWerff, Donna Mason, Meredith Joiner, Robin Durrett and Lloyd Kurtz, with Magner.

“These people have already invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in this effort, but we still have a long way to go to ensure that this very important project is completed,” Magner explained, “and the priority given to this component of the global financing plan”.

The application for funding through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Programs is nearing completion. The loan will be secured by revenue bonds which will ensure that taxes in the district will not be increased.

Magner said the loan application has been in the works for “several months” and the process is expected to be completed this summer. The construction process will take place over a period of 2.5 years.