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Innovative medical clinic offers a new health care option

Those looking for affordable and accessible healthcare need look no further than the innovative new medical clinic in Jefferson City.

The new walk-in facility, located along Edgewood Drive, offers on-site services including labs, imaging, a mini-pharmacy, and intravenous hydration and vitamin infusions, a rarity in most urgent care clinics. Infusions are available for everything from immunity boosters and nausea to recovery fluids for athletes and treatments for chronic fatigue. It even uses emerging technologies, such as medical devices that connect to cellphones and tablets to give patients their own perspective on the team’s findings.

There are also plans to add psychiatric nurse practitioners to the team of health professionals to address mental health needs in the near future.

The site uses a direct-care model, aiming to keep prices low for patients by not accepting medical insurance, which can increase costs to make a bigger profit.

Owners Dara and Elochukwu “Elo” Osoego, a nurse practitioner and physician assistant, respectively, said the goal was to provide an affordable and convenient source of care without relegating patients to conventional emergency care or the emergency room.

“What I’ve noticed working in the emergency room is that 80-85% of patients don’t need to be there,” Elochukwu Osoego said. “Our goal is to decompress ER a bit so those who need to be there can be served quickly and free up those providers a bit more. We’re trying to provide that interim care so people can come in and get what they need. rapidly.”

Skills learned in the emergency room have been transferred to the new clinic, including intravenous work and experience in treating lacerations and other problems that the most urgent care cannot solve. They can also have CT scans and MRIs read quickly through a partnership with Advanced Radiology, located a few doors down from the clinic.

The direct-care model also aims to reduce costs for patients, some of whom go to the emergency room with more minor problems because they know they will be treated regardless of their insurance. The clinic’s lobby also features a screen that scrolls through the costs and fees of its services so that patients know in advance what they expect.

The couple said the primary goal of the new venture was to create a new option for those seeking medical care while ensuring an affordable visit that allowed the patient to come to the table for their own treatment.

“We’ve always talked about starting a practice, but COVID has really exposed some of the cracks and issues with the healthcare system and kind of served as a catalyst for that,” Dara Osoego said. “It was almost a calling, and we were drawn to helping people in the Jefferson City area provide them with an alternative option for their health care.”

The Innovative Medical Clinic is located at 3218 W. Edgewood Drive, Suite 500. It is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.