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Letter to the Editor: Veteran is grateful for new VA clinic

I want to thank Americans for their generous support and concern for all veterans who have served our country in one capacity or another.

I just returned home from a first visit to the new VA outpatient clinic in Portland. It is a beautifully designed, equipped and welcoming building with highly trained medical and support staff.

As has been my experience for years receiving care from the VA, I was treated in a very professional and caring manner. Americans who are not veterans or relatives probably have no opportunity to visit or otherwise see the network of hospitals and clinics they support with their tax dollars. I don’t know what the protocol is for visiting one of these facilities, but hopefully a visit would be welcome.

I am grateful for the support and generosity of the American people. The men and women who are employed to provide care are first class, caring and eager to provide veterans with 5 star service. I don’t think any other nation can match us in this regard.

Ken MacLean
A very grateful veteran

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