Clinic consultation

Local speaks out on services received from Alberton North Clinic

I’m sure you get a lot of complaints about this, but I need to vent. I had an appointment today to see the doctor.

I sat in the queues from 0745 only to be told at 1115 that the doctor could not see me as I had not been through a reception on the last visit to confirm the appointment.

It was written in my appointment book by the Sister who never said that I had to do a confirmation. I spoke to extremely rude members of staff until a mannered and concerned employee helped me, took my file to the doctor who is supposed to have ‘reviewed’ the contents and said I was fine.

She said she couldn’t see me because she was busy and was leaving at noon.

Patients had to go to an office to find their records, as the staff paid to do so told everyone that “they can’t find their records”. If you couldn’t find your file yourself, you were told to make another appointment and come back at a later date.

An employee, who is presumably paid, sits outside and watches the queues – he points the finger at everyone, never explains to anyone and does not get up to help those who do not know in what queue to sit. Why does he receive a salary?

This clinic is totally disorganized with the majority of the staff being rude, unhelpful, disrespectful and totally disinterested. They ignore the elderly, the genuinely sick and disabled without help or even a kind word.

To the very few people who actually try to do their jobs compassionately and effectively, I apologize for this negative correspondence. There are so many qualified and professional people looking for jobs that I can’t understand how these incompetent people get paid to do no work.

CoE response

Council of Europe spokesperson Zweli Dlamini assured that the staff in the reception area had contacted the archives management.

“They have been briefed to ensure all patients are properly registered and directed to service areas. There is a standard operating procedure for measuring patient wait times and customers are informed of the causes of delays,” he said.

In a statement, he said that the reception staff were sensitized to ensure a daily check of the clients referred to the doctor before the start of the consultations.

“The staff were addressed and advised to ensure a courteous attitude towards all customers. It was not easy to identify the staff who displayed a rude attitude towards the complainant as the complainant chose to remain anonymous.

“The doctor has been sent to accommodate all reserved clients who are referred by professional nurses,” Dlamini said.

He reiterated that there is a guideline on the care of the frail, elderly and sick which he says is strictly adhered to.