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Loveland Veterinary Clinic lets dogs urinate on Putin

Who knows how many dogs have “used” the red fire hydrant at this Loveland vet clinic, but that number is about to skyrocket as they find the perfect way to support Ukraine.

The conversation should be short and direct:

Let’s put a picture of Putin on the fire hydrant in front and let the dogs urinate on it.

I love it. Not just our clients’ dogs. All dogs.

Since Tuesday, March 1, 2022, there’s Putin, in all his smug glory, sitting at about the height of a dog’s leg, at the Boyd Lake Veterinary Center, next to Eisenhower and Boyd Lake Drive. Putin looks like he’s daring your dog to “go loose” on him.


TSM/Dave Jensen

Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine; it probably won’t take a lot of commands or cajoling to get your dog to piss on the chair. How many photos of former spy Boyd Lake will there be until these troops are ordered back to Russia?


The photo of the fire hydrant was posted on the Lovelanders Facebook page, where it garnered many rave reviews:

I will bring my two dogs and then I will pick up strays and bring them back….

Take out bowls of water to make sure their bladders are full.

My family is Ukrainian. There are a few Ukrainians in NoCo. I’m trying to get the rest of my family out of Ukraine. It is terrible what is happening. This made me laugh!! Thank you

I am also Vet Tech!! Support all around

I am from Poland… Polish companies and ordinary citizens help Ukrainians as much as possible.

It is a real tragedy. The Poles and many other European countries feel worried about their own safety. I hope we can stop it together and avoid a European or world war…

Nice to see this here in our city Thanks

I do not have a dog; but I can ask my brother to go there with his dog to “take care of business”.

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