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Mayo Clinic nurses in St. James, Minn., vote to opt out of union representation – Reuters

ST. JAMES – For the second time in the space of a week, nurses at a Mayo Clinic Health System site have voted to opt out of union representation.

On Monday, August 1, 2022, the National Labor Relations Board announced that nurses at the Mayo Clinic in St. James had obtained approval for dismissal from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 65. nurses at Mayo Clinic St. James voted 15-2 in favor of decertification.

The petition for decertification was led by Heather Youngwirth, a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic St. James. Youngwirth received help from the National Right to Work Legal Foundation, a conservative nonprofit that helps break workers out of union representation.

The vote was placed before the expiration of the current contract between nurses at Mayo Clinic St. James and AFSCME Council 65, which was due to expire on August 21, 2022. All 17 nurses participated in the mail-in vote according to NWRL. spokesperson Kylie Thomas.

Youngwirth did not respond to Post Bulletin requests for comment.

NWRL Kylie Thomas said the following about what prompted these nurses to vote to revoke the union: “These nurses clearly believe they would be better off without the union, but I cannot provide more specific reasons in this case. . I can say that in other decertification efforts, we have seen workers cite ineffective union officials, poor management, lack of accountability and prioritizing internal union interests over those of rank-and-file workers .

AFSCME Council 65 did not respond in time for the publication of this article to a request for comment on the vote.

In a press release today, NWRL said the nurses voted on the basis of AFSCME union officials wanting to end ‘monopoly bargaining powers at the Mayo Clinic’.

The NWRL also helped nurses at the Mayo Clinic in Mankato, who voted to withdraw from the Nurses Association of Minnesota union.

This decertification effort was led by Brittnay Burgess, a nurse at Mayo Clinic’s Mankato campus.

NWRL is also working with other Minnesota nurses employed at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in the Brainerd Lakes area who are seeking to cancel their Service Employees International Union membership.