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Meet Austin Diagnostic Clinic’s New Pediatrician, Dr. Aammar Khan

The Austin Circle C Diagnostic Center location added Dr. Aammar Khan to its team of healthcare professionals in August 2021. ADC-Circle C is growing with the Austin area and Khan said there had a need for more providers as well as a huge demand for specialists to care about.

Khan specializes in pediatrics and said he chose ADC-Circle C because the company has a long history of establishing doctors in the community.

“Doctors here have been practicing for a long time and have a wide range of knowledge,” Khan said. “A big thing in medicine is continuous learning, so having experienced doctors working as a team is always amazing.”

Khan said there were several reasons he chose to specialize in paediatrics, including the ability to positively impact individuals’ future health outcomes.

“By far, pediatrics is the specialty where you can make the most lasting change in a person’s life,” Khan said. “If you optimize a child’s nutritional health, they will maintain those habits into adulthood. It’s about intervening early, and then that child can go on to live a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s really gratifying to know that.

He also enjoys working with a child’s family members to educate them about what he thinks as a doctor.

“I try to bring the families into the discussions because the family is the main one looking after the kids when you’re not there,” Khan said. I want to share my perspective with them, tell them what to watch out for, and remind them to call me if necessary.

ADC-Circle C primarily serves South and Southwest Austin. The addition of providers will benefit customers by adding more availability for acute patient visits and help deal with the increase in visits related to COVID-19.

Of the 12 ADC locations, four to five of them have pediatric wards available to serve children from infancy to 18 years old. Additionally, ADC-Circle C is a full-fledged clinic, which means that once patients graduate as pediatricians, patients can easily be transferred to a family doctor located in the same building.

“It’s good because if there’s a problem, family medicine doctors can easily call pediatrics back through our in-house department to figure things out,” Khan said.

ADC-Circle C is located at 5701 W. Slaughter Lane, Building C, Austin. Find more information about ADC-Circle C on their website or call 512-334-2500.

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