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Mercy Hospital comforts patients with new breast surgery clinic

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Sunday marks another Buddy Check 3 Day, which falls on the third day of every month. This is a time when we remind you to consult a buddy to troubleshoot breast cancer.

Services for breast cancer patients here in the Ozarks continue to increase, as does the accessibility of treatment. In addition to its Breast Diagnostic Center, Mercy Hospital now has a separate Breast Surgery Clinic that streamlines initial treatment based on a patient’s long-term survival needs.

Dr. John Bumberry says he loves the new clinic. He is the breast cancer surgeon at Mercy’s Surgery Center. This clinic is specially designed for breast cancer patients. He says the new location is much calmer, calmer and more peaceful.

Previously, breast cancer patients like Ann Long had a very different experience on their first visit to the general surgery clinic. Ann says it was bright and filled with tons of people coming and going. She said there weren’t just breast surgery patients and there were all ages and genders waiting for different surgeries.

Long’s first visit was eleven years ago. Now she and her family are enjoying a cancer-free life. She comes back for an annual check-up.

“I didn’t know they moved,” Long said. “I walked in, I was like, ‘This is the best place ever.’ It’s soothing, it’s just a more authentic atmosphere where you feel a bit seen, you feel like you’re the patient and you’re the focal point.

And the services go far beyond the initial lumpectomy, mastectomy or routine examination of a patient with breast cancer. According to Dr. Bumberry, patients may come here for mild illness, lumps or lumps that are not cancer, or other breast problems.

He says, “So once you’ve been treated and you’re doing your survival, you can come back here. Genetic and high-risk evaluations are also performed here.

Operating theaters are nearby and plastic surgery consultations following a mastectomy are just down the hall. It’s an orchestrated move within the Mercy system to make the breast cancer patient journey a little less stressful.

For more information on our Buddy Check 3 program, CLICK HERE. We’ll send you a free folder about KY3’s partnership for Buddy Check 3 with Mercy and Cox Hospitals and the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.

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