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‘Never give up on your dreams’: The future looks bright at a beauty clinic in the countryside near the Lincolnshire coast

It took Ela Sutton eight months to find the perfect spot – and she found it along a quiet country lane in Orby.

“I love this place – the Lincolnshire countryside reminds me of my home in Poland,” she explains.

“It’s so peaceful here – perfect for my clients and the treatments I offer.”

Since moving from Canterbury, where she ran a salon, building Ela’s clinic on the grounds of the house she and her husband, James, have renovated has been a labor of love.

After struggling to source materials due to the impact of Brexit, construction faced endless challenges.

“The construction project was not easy – to start with when we started work in 2019 the site was flooded – it was around the same time as the Wainfleet floods,” Ela recalls.

“Then we struggled to get materials, which compounded the problems.

“At one time we only had one builder and I got stuck with the backhoe helping to dig the trenches and even moved three tonnes of ballast.

“Truly there has been blood, sweat and tears in building this clinic, but through it all, I have never given up.”

Ela’s clinic finally opened in the fall of 2020, offering a wide range of inch loss, aesthetic and beauty treatments.

It now has an elegant reception with marble floors and three treatment rooms equipped with the latest beauty technology where guests can relax in a spa environment.

The modern washroom facilities also have a touch of luxury, with locker shelves for individual cloths for drying hands. Only the toilet roll holder – with the sheet folded in a “V” – gives a telltale sign of Ela’s previous experience in the hospitality industry when she first moved to Boston from the Poland 16 years ago with a degree in physiotherapy.

Ela credits her husband – a former musician in a successful British band who now handles the business side of the clinic – with designing the building.

“His father was an architect and James is also very talented,” says Ela. “It’s thanks to him that there are such clean lines here and it’s so well designed. I’d suck at that but he’s so organised.”

Even after opening, the challenges of growing a new business were not easy.

“We were only open for four months and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about the lockdown and has continued to affect the way beauticians can work,” Ela explains.

“However, I was not to be beaten and I used the time to gain more qualifications as the industry evolves and finds exciting new treatments all the time.

“I trained in beauty in Poland, but I’ve also taken the UK diplomas since I moved here.”

The easing of Covid restrictions means that Ela can now offer her clients the ultimate beauty treatments in a relaxing atmosphere.

“My clients are men and women of all ages and I now get reservations from all over the county, including Lincoln and Louth,” Ela says.

“I am so thrilled that the business is growing. My goal is for customers to come to me for relaxation and pampering because everyone deserves it.

“We always aim to bring out natural beauty and I’ve had wonderful results.

“I only intended to work two or three days a week, but I work every day.

“What I would say to anyone with a passion is to never give up.

“I didn’t and now I’m living the dream.”

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