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opening of a 24-hour veterinary clinic in Algodones | Local News

Two years after Santa Fe’s only emergency veterinary clinic closed — forcing many pet owners to transport their sick and injured pets to Albuquerque for overnight care — 24-hour animal services are now available much more close.

Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital opened Monday in Algodones, about 40 miles from Santa Fe, on the former site of the Animal Neurology and Imaging Center.

Earlier this year, Animal Neurology partnered with the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Albuquerque and moved out of the Algodones Center. Veterinarian Ashlee Andrews stepped in and quickly converted the space into an emergency and specialist veterinary hospital that will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

She looks forward to serving customers in Santa Fe.

“Our goal was to fill in some of the Albuquerque overflow and cover northern New Mexico,” Andrews said.

“It’s not a prohibitive distance,” she added.

The Pathway Vet Alliance Emergency and Specialty Center in Santa Fe closed at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The city has not had emergency veterinary medical care overnight since then, creating a buzz among pet owners in distress on social media.

Jeanette Kelly, owner of Veterinary Cancer Care, said she plans to open a 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic in the old Pathway Center, but her emergency clinic is no longer available. hasn’t opened yet.

Roadrunner opened its doors this week with six full-time vets and a few more part-time vets. Andrews said a board-certified surgeon will be recruited this summer and she hopes to have three surgeons within a year.

She said her vets can handle most basic surgeries.

Roadrunner also handles all the usual pet illnesses: vomiting, diarrhea, wounds, lacerations, something stuck in the intestines, seizures, and injuries to pets hit by a car.

“The one thing we don’t do is wellness,” Andrews said. “If they want shots, we won’t. If they want a health check, we wouldn’t do it.

Roadrunner has two surgery rooms, three examination rooms and a large treatment area, where four or five pets can be treated at the same time. About 25 pets can be hospitalized in the establishment.

Roadrunner has new digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound equipment.

Andrews is the sole owner of the veterinary group Los Sueños. She started with ABQ Mobile Vet and has since added three clinics in Albuquerque: Blue Cross Animal Clinic at 1921 Carlisle Blvd. BORN ; Eubank Veterinary Clinic, 1601 Eubank Blvd NE; and Rio Bravo Veterinary Hospital, 240 Rio Bravo SE.

Roadrunner is Andrews’ first walk-in night center.

She maneuvered to open an emergency clinic for about a year and a half, she said, but two Albuquerque sites for the business failed. The Algodones opportunity presented itself within the past two months when Animal Neurology moved to Albuquerque.

“That space fell on us,” Andrews said.