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Phuket Aunjai Clinic will close from May 16

PHUKET: The Aunjai Clinic, which opened last year as a place where people can go if they test positive for COVID-19, will cease operations on May 16, the Provincial Office announced Phuket Public Health (PPHO) via Facebook yesterday (6 May).

The closure of the Aunjai Clinic was announced yesterday (6 May). Image: PPHOFacebook

The decision was announced in a brief notice saying only the following: “Important announcement. Aunjai Clinic will be closed from May 16, 2022. Patients can receive services in provincial hospital respiratory wards as per their entitlements.” No other information was provided.

The Aunjai Clinic with ‘aunjai’ in Thai meaning “peace of mind” to opened at the auditorium of the new Phuket Provincial Hall, south of Phuket Town September 15, 2021.

The purpose of the project has been described as “provide counseling on COVID-19 issues and guiding patients to reduce stress and build patient confidence.

As clarified by Governor Narong Woonciew at the time of opening, it was put in place for people who test positive COVID-19[feminine] test via ATK and don’t know what to do next.

“These people, when they are tested and find themselves infected, don’t know what to do… The clinic will have staff to give advice, check symptoms and even check x-rays of the lungs and administer medication to people with symptoms. mild symptoms”, Governor Narong explained.

“[Staff at the clinic] will review treatment and referral to where the patient should be sent for treatment, to a hospital, field hospital, community isolation center or return to recuperate at home,” he added.

The Aunjai Clinic also provided telephone consultations. For information on COVID-19, people were free to call his hotline 076-254207 (20 lines) available 24 hours a day. The PPHO did not mention in its latest announcement whether the call center will continue operations after May 16.