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Pine Rest expands footprint with new clinic

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services recently opened a new psychological counseling center, nearly doubling the patient capacity of its original facility.

With the new center, at 6500 Byron Center Ave. SW, Suite 300, at Byron Center, Pine Rest intends to meet the increased demand for access to mental health care in West Michigan.

The facility specializes in assessing the relationship between behavior and brain function, evaluating and diagnosing conditions such as ADHD, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. A team of psychologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists will be housed in the new facility, offering assessments for patients ranging from children to older adults.

The original center on the main Pine Rest campus at 300 68th St. SE served more than 4,800 patients and saw a 40% increase in demand for services in 2021, with people ages 18 to 35 having the greater need for mental health care.

“Unfortunately, the need has become so great that this expansion is simply to reduce the backlog of referrals from physicians and individuals seeking testing and assessments at the center,” said Mark Eastburg, president and CEO of Pine Rest. . “This new facility doubles the center’s capacity and allows us to expand our clinical team, increasing access for patients throughout the West Michigan region and beyond.

Pine Rest said its methodology is much more accurate in diagnoses and recommendations than rapid online assessments. Clinicians at the center use evidence-based testing and a comprehensive clinical history that typically includes an interview, discussion with family members, and review of school and medical records to assess patient needs. The analysis aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of patient strengths and weaknesses in order to seek the best short- and long-term treatment options.

“We have already doubled the number of clinicians on our team providing neuropsychological assessments,” said Bruce Retterrath, clinical director of the new center. “While this new location will primarily provide us with the space and resources to meet patient needs, it will also allow us to hire additional psychological experts across the spectrum of services we provide.”

Pine Rest Psychological Counseling Center is recruiting for new positions, including psychometricians, fully licensed psychologists, and fellowship-trained neuropsychologists.

More information is available here.