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Providence High-Risk Cancer Clinic in Everett Gives Sisters Hope

Sisters Cami Green and Kristi Hardie have both been diagnosed with breast cancer and credit the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership in Everett to provide excellent care close to home.

EVERETT – When Cami Green was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, the mother-of-two said she was devastated and scared.

When she saw the nurses approaching, she kept asking, “Do I have cancer? When they ushered him into a private room to tell him the news, it was overwhelming.

“When we walked into that room, I was literally throwing up and shaking… They had to call my family because I couldn’t get any more information. They called (my sister) Kristi on a conference call because she couldn’t be there.

It was Kristi who prompted her sister to have the small, hard bump checked out after a friend described what her own bump looked like. “I told her she had to go get it checked out immediately,” Kristi explains.

Little did Cami know that this wouldn’t be the most devastating news she would face regarding cancer, as her younger sister would end up receiving the same diagnosis.

“I remember you [Cami] being almost more upset about my diagnosis than I was,” Kristi says of when she shared the news with Cami. Kristi, wife and mother of three, describes the moment she was diagnosed with breast cancer as “terrifying”. “I had to hand over the computer to my husband right away… It was hard. Kristi is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

No one thought Kristi would receive such a diagnosis that day, because she had always dealt with bumps, and they had always been non-cancerous. They assumed that this diagnosis would be like the others.

“If I hadn’t been enrolled in the high-risk clinic here, I probably would have died. The high-risk clinic saved me for sure,” says Kristi.

The Comprehensive Breast Center High Risk Clinic manages breast care for people with a family history of breast cancer or those with high levels of breast damage. Kristi started going to the high-risk clinic every year once her sister was diagnosed.

The clinic offers same-day appointments with all medical oncologists in the Partnership Against Cancer— a partnership between Providence Everett Regional Medical Center, The Everett Clinic, Western Washington Medical Groupand Northwest Washington Radiation Oncology Associates.

The sisters consider each other best friends, and when asked how much pain they wish they could go through for each other, they both said they were scared.

Kristi and Cami both add that fear never goes away and you learn to live with it, but the Cancer Partnership doctors, nurses and staff have eased some of their anxiety about the journey ahead.

“I have never, ever, ever had a bad experience here. From the start, it was all fun,” says Cami of her experience with the Partnership Against Cancer.

The sisters have found solace and solace in the Partnership Against Cancer while working with medical oncologist Peter Jiang, MD Cami adds with a laugh, “He could be a family member now.

After witnessing Cami being cared for by doctors and nurses, Kristi was eager to choose her own team which included Dr. Jiang. “I know them. I know the nurses,” Kristi says.

Cami, who is now in remission, adds, “I developed friendships.” Kristi was thrilled to find that one of her team nurses was a friend.

Marilyn Birchman, Regional Director of Cancer Services Research, says, “We want the people of Everett and Snohomish County to know that the best care they can get is right here. They don’t have to travel to Seattle.

To learn more about the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, call (425) 297-5500 or visit

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