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QC Kinetix (Baederwood) is a leading regenerative medicine clinic in Jenkintown

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania – Living with chronic pain is a demotivating experience, especially when it comes to finding long-term pain relief solutions. To manage symptoms, most people rely on medication, joint protection, mild physical therapy, rest, or invasive surgeries. Although these treatments provide relief for a while, they often fail as long-term solutions because they address the symptoms instead of the root cause of the problem. However, the regenerative medicine solutions used at QC Kinetix (Baederwood) are minimally invasive, long-lasting, and use the body’s natural components to heal damaged tissue.

Alternative therapies to Jenkintown Regenerative Medicine The clinic is run by a team of medical professionals who are passionate about repairing damage to muscles, joints, bone tissue, tendons and ligaments. They thoroughly assess a patient’s condition before recommending personalized regenerative medical solutions that improve pain and decrease inflammation, prolonging/eliminating the need for surgery.

The most common treatments for chronic knee pain, ACL/MCL/LCL tears, decreased range of motion, meniscus tears, knee cracks/snaps/pops, and bone-on-bone osteoarthritis are steroids, knee replacement surgery, physiotherapy and arthroscopic surgery. Recovery times for these treatments are long and expensive, an issue that QC Kinetix (Baederwood) is on a mission to alleviate by providing regenerative therapies that help knee joints heal with fewer side effects.

Weekend warriors, high school/college athletes, professional athletes, and people who love the outdoors are prone to minor/major sports injuries that can slow them down or derail their careers. When the rest, ice, compression and elevation technique fails to see them through an injury, they can go to the Jenkintown Regenerative Clinic to stimulate healing/repair of damaged tissue that is causing pain in shoulder, ankle, wrist, fingers/toes, ligament/tendon tears, low back pain and foot/hand pain. Medical professionals use a combination of natural treatment protocols and traditional sports injury treatments to treat Achilles tendon tears, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and torn rotator cuff.

While non-surgical therapies manage sports injuries, QC Kinetix (Baederwood) uses them to treat patients with non-sports related musculoskeletal injuries/pain resulting from repetitive motions, sprains, falls, poor body mechanics, muscle overuse, overexertion or trauma. . The clinic’s regenerative therapies have become popular for managing soft tissue injuries as they stimulate the body’s natural healing response, reduce inflammation/pain and speed up recovery.

Additionally, patients with chronic degenerative diseases of the bones, joints, connective tissues and cartilage may seek alternative treatments to CQ Kinetix (Baederwood). The team uses cutting-edge technology and natural treatment protocols to encourage the body’s existing healing mechanisms to reduce arthritis pain in the hips, ankles, lower back, toes, fingers, knees, shoulders, hands and feet.

To improve musculoskeletal injuries and joint pain with regenerative medicine, visit the clinic’s website or call (215) 999-3000 to schedule a consultation. QC Kinetix (Baederwood) is located at 1653 The Fairway, Suite A216, Jenkintown, PA, 19046, USA.

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