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Rancheria Wellness Clinic almost open | Business

Local media and others were treated to a tour of the nearly full Redding Rancheria health and wellness campus in Weaverville on Wednesday morning by Executive Director of Health Services Glen Hayward. The clinic will serve tribal members free of charge and will include state-of-the-art medical and dental facilities and other amenities.

The clinic will also be open to the public and will accept Medi-Cal, Medicare and Partnership health plans.

The total cost is approximately $12.5 million and construction began approximately 15 months ago. The land was dedicated in June 2020 for the facility which will offer medical care, emergency care, addiction treatment and more.

Hayward said the Great Hall will be a gathering point and will also serve to help the healing process when people can stop and talk to others in similar circumstances. Large untreated wooden columns give it a natural feel and the upper walls are adorned with Yana, Wintu and Pit River tribal symbols.

“The building itself is just over 18,000 square feet,” he said. “Our main reception and check-in area will be both medical and dental.” The next room was the Community Room, which Hayward said will also be available to the community, with separate doors to allow access after hours and on weekends.

Through a few doors, one will find toilets, lockers and showers, as well as a swimming pool.

“We can have swimming lessons for the kids and we can have aerobics lessons, but more importantly we can have water therapy,” he said. A giant print of a peaceful waterfall is displayed along the pool wall. Hayward said it took two months to find a print large enough to fit in the space.

Next to the swimming pool is a physiotherapy room, where people can exercise, take morning yoga classes, etc. A giant sliding door bisects the space, separating it from the on-site gym.

“All of our patients will have access to a full gym,” he said. The clinic’s health department is just down a hall, along with a conference room that Hayward says will also be available for community use.

The clinic will use 11 examination rooms, five dental laboratory stations and radiology/x-ray rooms.

“It’s open to all of our patients, free of charge,” Hayward said. “One of the things that sets us apart is that we charge no copayments, no deductibles, no shared costs. We don’t even have a cash register at any of our facilities so they don’t pay anything and it really opens up that access to care because for $5 some people might not come to see the doctor because they don’t have no money for gasoline. It’s just another way to break down those barriers to improve access to care.

The facility itself will also serve to break down barriers, as many patients were driving to Redding’s clinic for treatment, Hayward said.

Its centerpiece will be an exhibition of tribal artifacts under glass, positioned below photos of the original 17 casts.

“Members of Redding Rancheria are made up of the lineal descendants of one of the original 17 Distributors who lived on the Rancheria in 1968,” according to the Rancheria website. “Tribal members have lineage with the peoples of Pit River, Wintu and Yana.”

We are located at 81 Arbuckle Court. Some furniture and equipment still need to be installed, but the official opening is set for March 28.