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Restoring the Amma Mini Clinic program for the poor: AIADMK

The opposition AIADMK on Tuesday urged the DMK government to reinstate the Amma Mini Clinic scheme, aimed at providing health insurance to the poor, in light of the Madras High Court’s recent observation on the continuation of pro-people initiatives of the previous dispensation.

Restoring this program, which caters to people, especially those in rural areas without metro-like medical care facilities, would help improve people’s quality of life, the AIADMK coordinator said. , K Palaniswami.

Quoting the court’s observation, the former chief minister said: “The state government should heed the court’s opinion expressed a few days ago that the good plans of the old regime of the AIADMK could be continued, in order to fully restore the Amma Mini Clinic program”. Furthermore, he wanted the government to provide Rs 20 lakh as solatium for the family of a five-year-old girl who died after being treated by a doctor in Poolambadi village in Nallur block of Cuddalore coastal district in India. State, recently.

“She could have been saved by the timely intervention of the qualified government health professionals at the Amma Mini-Clinic if she had been allowed to operate,” Palaniswami said and claimed that the purpose of the Amma Mini-Clinics was to expand free treatment of common ailments and provide timely advice to people.

During his tenure as chief minister, 1,900 such clinics were launched, he said in the statement.

“But following a change of regime, this government put an end to the regime. As a result, poor people who could not afford expensive treatment were forced to go to private hospitals for treatment,” he said in a statement here.