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Rootead opens easy-to-access clinic to expand perinatal care in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, MI — A new holistic approach to reproductive care has come to Kalamazoo.

Rootead’s Red Birth Green branch recently opened the Obodo Perinatal Easy Access Clinic, intended to expand reproductive health care available to families in Kalamazoo, according to a Rootead press release.

Roothead Red Birth Green branch has already provided comprehensive care and support to families in the area, offering the services of a full team of doulas, fertility educators, lactation consultants, early childhood specialists and more, according to the communicated.

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The organization’s new easy-to-reach clinic pursues the goal of helping every woman have a “peaceful and empowered experience of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum and that every baby is born healthy and healthy.” eventually,” the statement said.

The space, which is located at Rootead’s corporate headquarters at 505 E. Kalamazoo Ave., celebrated its grand opening on Monday, February 21. Its name, Obodo, comes from the Igbo language of Nigeria and translates to “village”.

“Obodo’s mission is to serve as a space for families to connect with our community and find answers, education, care and resources,” said Red Birth Green Director Elan Bridges. .

The center also offers free pregnancy tests, basic perinatal care and assistance.

“Everyone knows the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,'” Bridges said. “Kalamazoo, we are your village.

Red Birth Green was founded in 2016 as the Rootead Doula Collective, to tackle black infant mortality.

Red Birth Green is now accredited as Official Perinatal Safety Site, trained in the JJ Way model of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., founded by world renowned midwife Jennie Joseph.

“Joseph’s career and mission relate to the many motherly-toxic environments in the United States,” the statement read. “These are areas where institutional racism and other non-medical social factors that impact the health of a population combine, creating a climate in which it is dangerous to be pregnant or to raise children.

“The goal of The JJ Way is to eliminate racial and class disparities in perinatal health and improve birth outcomes for all,” the statement read.

Joseph traveled to Kalamazoo in the fall of 2021 to train the Rootead team for the clinic’s upcoming opening.

Red Birth Green’s Easy Access Clinic extends Rootead’s ability to provide the four tenets of the philosophy: Access, Connections, Knowledge and Empowerment to all birthing parents, their families and supporters, the statement said.

Obodo’s holistic perinatal approach also includes fertility support.

“We often overlook the importance of fertility and a healthy menstrual cycle when it comes to perinatal care,” said Rowan Jakobah, Red Birth Green Coordinator and Fertility Specialist. “In reality, the majority of women have some sort of difficulty with their menstrual cycle that goes completely unnoticed, and that’s why I became a Fertility Awareness Educator – to help people take control of their fertility and prevent so many difficulties that can arise during birth and postpartum.

Roothead is currently looking for doulas and healthcare professionals to help meet the growing needs of our community. Interested persons should visit

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