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Roundup: Monash Health sets up virtual clinic for blood pressure management and more briefs

Monash Health pilots virtual clinic for blood pressure management

Monash Health, a public health unit in Victoria, has piloted its pharmacist-led virtual clinic to manage the blood pressure of patients with chronic conditions.

Called Optimizing One Medication with Patients (OOMPa), the virtual clinic sees patients for titration and adjustment of their blood pressure medications.

Through a mobile app, on-site pharmacists can receive real-time patient vital signs data collected via a Bluetooth-powered blood pressure cuff. Using the data, pharmacists can adjust their medication dose online using a guideline-based protocol.

The online service, billed as the first in the world, is being tested with patients with liver disease.

So far, based on the trial, the virtual process has allowed pharmacists to continuously monitor side effects and assess compliance, while patients can see the results of taking their medications in real time. , according to Chloe McAinch, one of the clinic’s senior pharmacists. .

Additionally, the trial has also been found to help patients start their medications and achieve success get the right dose.

The virtual clinic is a collaboration between the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Monash Health Pharmacy and Hospital in the Home.

Australia offers telehealth grant for prescribing COVID-19 antivirals

The Australian government is temporarily subsidizing the cost of long teleconsultations for the prescription of COVID-19 antiviral drugs.

The new Medicare Benefits Schedule item of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will allow eligible COVID-19 positive patients to access prescriptions for antiviral medications, which must be taken within five days of the onset of symptoms.

In a statement, Health Minister Mark Butler said he was told by doctors that “it will be easier to get antivirals prescribed if they have access to this telehealth measure”.

Antiviral drugs, he said, “significantly reduce the risk of serious illness, particularly for older Australians, and will help keep people out of hospitals”.

The Medicare telehealth article will be available through October 31.

Yarram District Health Unit adopts Global Health’s EMR, patient engagement tools

Yarram District Health Service in Victoria has signed a contract with health technology company Global Health to implement several MasterCare clinical solutions.

Based on a press release, Global Health will provide its EMR MasterCare, dashboards as a service, secure messaging platform ReferralNet, and patient engagement platform Hothealth to hospital and at Yarram Community Health Services.

These solutions will allow healthcare facilities to connect directly with patients and improve their clinical and administrative processes, allowing staff to spend more time improving patient outcomes than paperwork and processes.

“​Our MasterCare solutions will enable Yarram to better manage its day-to-day health management; to provide improved reports and business information; actively engage with patients through an online presence and telehealth that helps meet the needs of their communities; and improve patient care,” explained Michael Davies, CEO of Global Health.