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Sendling-Westpark Clinic maintains high standards of treatment for all patients

February 28, 2022 – The clinic of Dr. Sabrina von Rakowski in Sendling-Westpark Munich offers some of the best dental treatments. It is one of the main clinics offering dentistry in Sendling-Westpark. The practice uses modern technical equipment for optimal comfort and maximum precision.

“Comprehensive and comprehensible advice as well as comprehensive patient-oriented services are essential for us. Our modern and very high-quality dentistry for all patient groups is therefore subject to an overall quality concept. Honesty and transparency are basic values ​​for us that we pursue in the long term,” says Dr. Sabrina von Rakowski.

The Sendling-Westpark Clinic maximizes its efficiency to provide a successful and enjoyable holistic therapy. By opting for professional tooth cleaning, patients can prevent cavities as well as periodontitis and can help preserve their teeth even into old age.

“In our practice, we therefore devote ourselves to special measures for the long-lasting preservation of teeth. Our services in the field of dental prosthetics include the insertion of crowns and bridges, partial and complete dentures and veneers,” says Dr. Sabrina von Rakowski.

By offering metal-free dental care, the clinic supports patients who suffer from metal intolerance. The team offers patients a full range of oral surgery services, including the placement of implants. Dental implants by professional dentists can be used for all types of tooth loss. As artificial tooth roots, they are inserted into the jawbone and grow there in a short time.

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