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Brittany, Amanda, Jen and Sandra help you start your experience


January 30, 2022 – 08:00

Upon entering De Pieri Clinic, there is a personal sense of welcome from highly trained staff dedicated to the comprehensive care and satisfaction of their clients. For more than three decades, Dr. Andrew De Pieri has been passionate about his practice of anti-aging and preventative medicine. In his clinic, he surrounded himself with like-minded people. The team’s commitment also extends to the art of aesthetic medicine. Such conscientious attention is why the clinic’s best advertisement is word of mouth from the many satisfied clients who trust them with their most personal care needs.

Dr. De Pieri and Stephenie collaborate on a client's skincare plan

Dr. De Pieri and Stephenie collaborate on a client’s skincare plan


“I rely on the excellent knowledge of our treatments and products by my staff, and I always collaborate with them to ensure that our clients get the most out of their experience here,” added Dr. De Pieri. treatment protocols, check in a few days after to support the recovery process, and can recommend professional skincare to ensure people love their end result. My staff makes my job easy and our customers happy.

In providing the required service, the staff will provide only the most uncompromising care in the most affordable way possible. “What brings someone to the clinic is something very personal. Also, the way we treat our customers is what has set us apart over the years,” said De Pieri Front Desk Manager Sandra Merlo. “Building the client-patient relationship takes time and it is so important to develop trust from the start. She added, “It takes time to build a reputation for the customer experience we provide, and you can’t really convince someone of that in an ad. »

Grounded in the practice of aesthetic, preventative and functional medicine, the staff has integrated treatments for men and women – from medical facials to bio-identical hormone therapy and weight loss programs. “We have a very high level of skill and professionalism in a very friendly and approachable environment, and I give our staff all the credit,” Merlo said. “We have such a unique group of people who are just amazing. We are very lucky this way.

Dr. De Pieri and Brittany assess a client's needs

Dr. De Pieri and Brittany assess a client’s needs


At De Pieri Clinic they do something that all other similar clinics do not do.

“First of all, for any aesthetic procedure, the client always gets a first consultation with a doctor. There is so much more value placed on the presence of the doctor than we realize,” Merlo explained. “So there’s this peace of mind for the patient, knowing they’re being seen by the doctor who’s talking to them and recommending this treatment.”

For Dr. De Pieri, the first meeting is not only essential to develop the all-important trust factor, but can also help the person throughout their journey.

“I like to take the time for this first step because it makes all the difference in getting the results the client was looking for,” said Dr. De Pieri. “With my clients, I not only focus on listening, but also on problem solving. Sometimes people ask what they think they need, but with a good conversation I can piece together all of their concerns and present a better solution they might not even have been aware of.

You can request an appointment via the De Pieri websiteand learn more about their services on Instagram (@thedepiericlinic).

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