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The permanent makeup clinic in Northampton improves your appearance

Permanent makeup can boost your confidence and natural beauty – this bespoke service can enhance your true appearance

True Enhancements offers permanent makeup solutions that enhance your natural facial features and restore them to make you look the best version of yourself!

This aesthetic care clinic in Northants, run by Aveline Rust, offers permanent make-up treatments specially designed for you and your face, age and style.

Treatments include definition and color of eyebrows, eyelashes and lips, so your features are enhanced to help you look your freshest and most natural from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed.

Improve your appearance with permanent makeup

Opting for permanent makeup isn’t just about vanity. As True Enhancements owner Aveline Rust explains, it can give women the confidence to live life makeup-free.

She says some women are so afraid of being seen without makeup that it prevents them from doing everyday things – shopping, going on vacation, swimming or even letting their partner see them without makeup!

“I’ve had women say they put makeup on in bed because they were so embarrassed about how they looked,” said Aveline, who worked on cruise ships before retraining to become a permanent makeup artist.

“I’ve had clients who cried after the treatment – because they felt they could now go on with their lives without thinking about it. Once they do, they feel relieved.

Many women have very little eyebrow hair – in the 90s excessive waxing was a common fad, but left many women with virtually no eyebrows.

As we age, most women see their eyebrows and eyelashes become lighter, which can make them appear hairless, lips become thinner and less defined as we age, and eyelashes seem less luxurious and obvious than they once were.

Aveline offers bespoke treatments from her home salon in Northampton.

“First people come in for a consultation, patch test and skin analysis, then we look at the brow design,” she explained. She uses a needle to ink the new brows, which she says gives the end result a beautiful natural look.

The actual treatment for permanent eyebrows takes three hours and begins by mapping the eyebrows according to the shape, natural contours and bone structure of your face, and choosing a color that matches your skin tone, age and height. skin style – much like you would when choosing a hair color. .

The process, just like tattooing, will not begin until you are satisfied with the shape drawn. Eyebrows can be done with hair strokes and shading for a hyper realistic eyebrow or a shadow that fades behind your eyebrows – depending on what you want and how natural you want it to look.

A similar type of tattoo can be done along the lash line of your eyes to give the appearance of thicker eyelashes. And the color can be applied on and around the lips to add definition and color, giving the illusion of fuller lips, without the need for fillers.

Because it is a needle, there is minimal disruption to the skin, but full healing takes about 10 days. After that, it can take up to six weeks for the color to come out, after which there is a follow-up appointment where adjustments can be made.

Aveline trained in London at the ID Liner Academy, part of the Tracie Giles Clinic in Knightsbridge – a popular spot for celebrities.

Having first worked in a clinic, Aveline set up her home salon in April, which was inspected by local authorities and passed all health and hygiene regulations.

“Having the salon at home means I can offer a real bespoke service,” she said. “Appointment times can be adapted to the client’s needs and we don’t have to stick to the usual opening hours.”

Aveline is committed to building customer confidence as well as their appearance.

“No two eyebrows are the same, no two faces are the same – that’s why it’s tailor-made for each person,” she says. “Once it’s done, the benefits are as much about how you feel as how you look.”

She wants every woman to feel confident enough to step out of the shower and step out without makeup – so she feels like the most “natural” version of herself possible.

For more contact Aveline direct to chat on 07445892496 and check out her social media accounts for photos and more information. Find it on Facebook to and on instagram here.