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This family-run veterinary clinic knows every client by name

Hoke Animal Clinic

When you trust Hoke Animal Clinic with your veterinary needs, you get a personalized experience from knowledgeable staff.

“Every patient we see has a treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs,” Dr. Tucker said. “We have over 40 years of combined experience in providing top quality care. Each doctor has his specialty which gives a unique advantage for complex cases.

Unlike most veterinary hospitals today, Hoke Animal Clinic is still family owned. Dr Gregg Tucker became the owner of the clinic in 2000. He and Emily have two daughters, a dog and a cat.

“We’re not run by giants hundreds of miles from home with only the bottom line in mind,” Dr. Tucker said. “We are able to offer what is medically best for the patient and not what a consultant has deemed best for the practice.”

Hoke Animal Clinic offers a wide variety of services which include advanced laser surgery, ultrasound, radiology, dental procedures, nutritional therapy, behavioral therapy, end of life care, geriatric care, well -be preventive (heartworms / fleas / tick prevention), grooming and long or short term boarding. Clients benefit from Hoke Animal Clinic’s pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic and surgical center, which means the staff are able to perform almost any procedure right at the veterinary hospital.

But the compliment Hoke Animal Clinic receives most often is for the skill and attentiveness of the staff.

“We know every client by name,” Dr. Tucker said. “We form a very close bond with our customers throughout an animal’s life. Because we are a family business, we understand the stress and fear that can come with seeing your pet sick or injured. We are all pet owners and we treat each patient as we would treat our own. We have dogs that come to day boarding five days a week just to come and play with our pets in the playground. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we are trusted in the easy times and in the difficult times.

The staff has a passion for working with animals and understands that pets provide their customers with much-needed love and companionship. They feel it is their duty to ensure that these loyal friends lead active and healthy lives.

“Because of their selfless commitment to us, we owe them the best,” Dr. Tucker said.

Hoke Animal Clinic is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and offers boarding pick-up on Saturday and Sunday. Visit for more information.

“We are very grateful to every family that entrusts us with the care of their pets. It is very humbling to know that our customers can choose anyone, anywhere and that they choose us. We feel obligated to honor that trust every time they walk through our doors.We know that without them we couldn’t do what we were born to do.