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Tillotson retires from Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic

After 22 years of treating patients, Scott Tillotson, physical therapist at Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic, is retiring. Tillotson decided he wanted to get into physical therapy so he could help people, be creative, and build strong relationships. That’s exactly what he’s done with the thousands of patients he’s seen over the course of his career, including those he’s treated over the past 14 years in hospital and clinic. Ellinwood.

“The best part of physiotherapy is seeing people get better. I get very excited when I see that. says Tillotson. Reflecting on his years in physiotherapy, Tillotson mentioned that one of his greatest professional accomplishments is the development of an in-house physiotherapy service that did not exist before he joined the team at Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic.

Scott has enjoyed a good work/life balance in his career and intends to stay in Ellinwood, where he lives with his wife and son. “It has been a pleasure to see how well the community has cared for me and my family, especially my son Chase. And we also received the same amount of care from this hospital for Chase, and we are very grateful for that. said Tillotson. Now that he is retired, he plans to be more active and involved in his community and church and maybe spend a little more time on his motorcycle. He’s also planning a few more trips to the family cabin in Colorado.

“Scott has done a lot for the hospital that we have all benefited from. He should be proud of that because I know he certainly is. We appreciate him and it’s good to stop sometimes and recognize the “I’ve come a long way. I hope Scott enjoys his retirement and has the opportunity to get out there and enjoy it,” said Kile Magner, CEO of the hospital and clinic.

Tillotson’s last day was Friday, March 4. A round trip reception was held from 2 to 3 p.m. that day. at Ellinwood Hospital’s therapy ward to wish Scott well and congratulate him on his retirement.