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Well Clinic is set to become the first worker-owned cooperative mental health society in the United States

According to Maya JohansonCEO, Owner and Co-Founder of Well Clinic, “We can no longer ignore the impact of our broken economy on our individual and collective mental health. It is unethical for anyone to enrich themselves from the suffering of others and the mainstream mental health system is deeply flawed. We believe that clinicians, the true experts in the field, should have ownership of the practice of psychotherapy, not a third-party owner. This will ensure better quality of care, more affordable services and the ability to create wealth for workers rather than business owners.”

Well Clinic’s transition to a worker-owned cooperative will directly benefit clients, clinicians and the general public San Francisco community. Rutgers University engaged Well Clinic for a case study as part of its current research on worker-owned cooperatives in healthcare.

Research shows that when successful businesses become employee-owned, local economies strengthen, worker wages increase, more money flows back into the organization, and the business itself becomes more productive and sustainable. Currently in the fundraising phaseWell Clinic has set a goal to complete the transition by 2022.

About Well Clinic
Well Clinic was founded in 2011 with the goal of destigmatizing mental health treatment and making psychotherapy more community-centered and accessible. With a team of 40 integrative mental health professionals, services are provided both online and in-office, following strict COVID-19 safety guidelines. For more information about Well Clinic, visit or follow @wellclinicsf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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