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When and how will this happen

CANTON, New York (WWNY) – The judges and their clerks get an explanation during a meeting at SUNY Canton. County Community Services describes the operation of a methadone clinic at the County Social Services Center. And why.

“The most important thing we are working towards is reducing overdose deaths. We have seen a continued increase in overdoses,” said Sheena Smith, Director of Community Services for Addiction Services.

This raised concerns in Canton. Recovering addicts will come to the clinic 6 days a week for a dose of methadone. It will begin by serving 30 people. But the number could go up to 100. It could open in the spring.

“They attend services every day. So every day they meet in front of a professional to see how they are doing. So they have that kind of structure in their lives. And they just do better,” Smith said.

The clinic can now prescribe suboxone for opiate addictions. Methadone was found to be more effective. But it is also a potent and tightly regulated drug. This is why the Human Services Center was chosen.

“The Canton clinic is kind of our hub right now, central hub, for our addiction services. It’s a bigger facility, it’s where our mental health clinic is, it’s also where we do all the medical treatment,” Smith said.

Its proximity to the county jail is another reason. During this year, the prison is also mandated to begin a drug treatment program that includes methadone.

They had an incredible stat. This shows how closely crime and drug use are intertwined. About 88% of St. Lawrence County Jail inmates surveyed said they had used illicit drugs in the past year.

Community Services will also begin deploying a mobile treatment vehicle, likely by the fall. He will not provide methadone, but he can provide other medications and treatments.

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