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With its new Manhattan clinic, Oula aims to reach more parents and raise the standard of maternity care

Oula’s first location in brooklyn reaches full capacity within three months of opening

BROOKLYN, NY, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wowthe first end-to-end maternity center of its kind, will open a second state-of-the-art clinic in New York City. Located at 202 Spring Street in manhattan, the new 2,300 square foot facility in Oula will offer a range of pregnancy services, including prenatal and postpartum care as well as childbirth support, provided by a team of midwives and obstetricians. Like its twin location at brooklynat Oula manhattan The clinic is designed with the patient at the center, providing a warm and inclusive space for personalized, evidence-based and non-judgmental maternity care.

Oula’s first location in Brooklyn reached full capacity within three months of opening

For too long, maternity care in United States has produced poor patient experiences, poor outcomes and high costs, with some of the highest maternal mortality, NICU and Caesarean section rates in the world. Compared to women in other high-income countries, women in the United States report the least positive experiences with health care and are more likely to suffer from emotional distress.

Oula’s collaborative care model, which brings doctors and midwives together, is backed by a wealth of data. According to the World Health Organization, expanding access to midwife-led maternity care is one of the most effective ways to reduce maternal mortality, lower caesarean section and birth rates premature births and reduce health care costs. A 2014 study found that including midwives in health systems could prevent more than 80% of maternal and child deaths.

“New Yorkers expect the best health care. Yet when it comes to pregnancy, they are forced to choose between false binaries: doctor or midwife, medical or natural delivery, hospital or birth center,” said Adrian NickersonOula co-founder and CEO. “At Oula, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose – you deserve an option that combines the best of midwifery and midwifery, human intuition and modern medicine.”

“Too often, pregnancy is treated as a clinical condition instead of being recognized for the life event that it is,” said Medical Director Dr. Ila Dayananda. “Instead of over-medicalizing birth, at Oula, we believe in combining evidence-based care with trusting our patients. It means taking the time to listen, share information and help our patients make the choices that are right for them. Oula is able to spend twice as much time with patients compared to a regular obstetrician’s office, and that makes a big difference.”

“We need to recognize that ‘living’ is not enough; we need a higher standard for maternity care where we recognize that the patient’s experience matters just as much,” added Joanne SchneiderOula Chief Experience Officer. “We want our patients to feel supported, empowered and cared for from the moment they book their first appointment on our patient portal all the way through ‘fourth trimester’.”

Oula believes that having a great experience during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum isn’t just “enjoyable” — it’s essential. Therefore, user-friendly digital tools allow expectant parents to make informed decisions and communicate with their healthcare team between visits. Education is integrated into patient care, including group classes like a birth plan workshop and postpartum office hours. Since opening their doors in brooklyn in 2021, Oula has established a reputation among patients for her stellar communication and good care.

We opened our brooklyn clinic just over a year ago, and we’re proud to have reached full capacity within three months of opening our Brooklyn Heights location. We extend to manhattan to be able to serve more patients, including families from the five boroughs and New Jersey,” said Elaine PurcellOula co-founder and COO.

Oula is proud to accept insurance, including Medicaid, rare among patient-centered practices. Oula is located at brooklyn at 109 Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 and in manhattan at 202 Spring Street New York, NY 10012.

To learn more about Oula, please visit Prospective patients can book an in-person or virtual appointment here. Link to high resolution images here.

About Oula:

Oula is rethinking maternity care from the ground up. Our modern maternity center combines the best of obstetrics and midwifery care to provide a more personalized and evidence-based pregnancy experience. We accept insurance including Medicaid. From our collaborative medical team, welcoming clinic, and remote care platform, we are setting a new standard for pregnancy that unifies modern medicine and human intuition. Oula is backed by a company and raised $18.3M to date by investors, including by Chelsea Clinton funds, Metrodora. Learn more at

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