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Accused killer testifies in mass shooting at Buffalo clinic, jury deliberates

(KNSI) – The man accused of shooting a health clinic in Buffalo spoke in his defense Thursday.

Gregory Ulrich is charged with killing physician assistant Lindsay Overbay and seriously injuring four others at the Allina Crossroads Clinic on February 9, 2021.

Wright County Jail

Before Ulrich took the stand, attorneys sought a mistrial, citing recent mass shootings that the defense said would be detrimental to this case. Judge Catherine McPherson denied the request but added wording to the jury instructions to include that only evidence from this case should be considered and not from other cases.

Ulrich was the only witness called before the defense finished its thesis. Against the advice of his lawyers, he spoke out, explaining how he had suffered from back pain for nearly 40 years following a workplace accident in 1977. He said it was only in 2016 that technology had advanced for him to have back surgery. It was after the operation that her dispute with the Allina Clinic began.

Ulrich said he attempted suicide in 2017 because of pain and injured his back. He said he felt extreme pain in the months leading up to the shooting. He accused a home nurse of making a false claim that he had overdosed on oxycodone, which resulted in him being denied painkillers.

Ulrich admitted to making four pipe bombs and purchasing the Smith & Wesson .9mm handgun used in the shooting. He said he intended to do property damage, not kill anyone. He admitted to shooting all of the victims, adding that he lost control after shooting the first victim at the reception.

During closing arguments, Wright County District Attorney Brian Lutes showed video Ulrich filmed in late December 2020, saying he should “grab a gun and shoot as many nurses as possible.”

The case is now in the hands of the jury.


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