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Anti-abortion protesters at Scottish health clinic hold sickening signs and ‘check in’ patients

Anti-abortion protesters gathered outside a Scottish health clinic holding sickening placards in a bid to target patients attending the facility.

Two men, who previously targeted women at the clinic, are currently standing outside the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow, holding signs and speaking through a microphone.

Footage of the protesters, released by campaign group Back Off Scotland, shows a man arguing with someone outside the clinic discussing embryo fertilization.

In the video, he can be heard saying, “It’s a human being, it’s alive. That’s why they call it an interruption. You end the life of a baby – a human being – where is their right?”

The men are currently outside the Sandyford Clinic

The men’s placards read “babies are being murdered here” and “Christ Jesus came to this world to save sinners”.

Staff were forced to abandon their jobs to play music from their cars in a desperate attempt to drown out cries from protesters that would have left patients scared and upset.

Back Off Scotland, which calls for 150m buffer zones around clinics that have been providing abortion services in Scotland since 2020, believes action must be taken before anyone is seriously harmed.

A spokesman for the group this afternoon slammed the shocking protest as they called again for emergency legislation to introduce buffer zones.

Men held signs and shouted outside the Sandyford Clinic
The same protesters earlier this month

They said: ‘How many times does this have to happen for Nicola Sturgeon and Maree Todd to use the emergency legislation they have the power to enact to protect those who have to run this gauntlet when accessing care health?

“It is absolutely imperative that they come before Parliament and declare their immediate intentions to do so.

“Not only are patients in distress inside, but staff have had to stop providing care and come out to blast music to drown out the cries of protesters.

“Many patients have been in touch to express how worried and upset they are at the moment in the clinic and outside.

“We need to act now before it escalates even further and someone gets seriously injured.”

The latest incident comes after the same protester harassed people trying to get into the Sandyford clinic earlier this month.

Patients were shocked and in tears at the shocking scenes, as it is understood some were inside the clinic receiving counseling for serious sexual assaults.

Gillian Mackay MSP has now launched a consultation on her member’s bill to introduce national buffer zone laws.

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