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Arkansas Heart Hospital opens clinic in Texarkana, Texas | Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Texas – Arkansas Heart Hospital is set to open its first out-of-state clinic next month in Texarkana, Texas.

It will be located at 3930 Galleria Oaks Drive.

CEO Dr. Bruce Murphy says their expansion into Texas is another step in their mission to transform the healthcare landscape.

“We are just responding to pent-up demand in the area that is extraordinary. We see a tremendous opportunity to impact the citizens of Texarkana,” Dr. Murphy said.

The 21,000 square foot building in Texarkana will include a full-service cardiology clinic with 12 exam rooms, venous and vascular services, imaging and a laboratory.

It will be staffed by a full-time physician and an advanced practice registered nurse, as well as regular visits from established sub-specialists.

Then, early next year, the clinic plans to open an outpatient surgery center.

“Then it will become not just a heart clinic, but a heart center, and we’ll probably add other services as well,” Dr. Murphy explained.

He says some of those services include intensive cardiac rehabilitation and pet heart scans.

The center will have fully equipped hybrid catheterization laboratories, as well as pre- and post-operative rooms.

Dr. Murphy says many of their clinics in southwest Arkansas are already busy with patients from the tri-state area.

“There are 450,000 people living in this area alone who have a hub and spokes with Texarkana, Texas. It’s something we relish being welcomed into,” Dr. Murphy said.


(Arkansas Heart Hospital is currently recruiting for all positions. Applications to work at the Texarkana Clinic are available at Providers will begin seeing patients in mid-March. Those interested in making an appointment can call 903-336-6900 or visit