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As mental health needs peak, new children’s clinic opens in Kenmore | Local News

Brittany Aponte, a counselor at Kenmore’s new Family Success Center, is one of 30 people on staff at Envision Wellness NY.

Photo courtesy of Envision Wellness WNY

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the mental health of millions around the world, including children whose school and personal lives have changed in spurts with infectious outbreaks.

Resilience can be tough at the best of times – and many can argue they haven’t seen much of it in the past couple of years.

Anxiety and depression increased in adults and children. Many who don’t know how to deal with their feelings have learned to cope by making unhealthy choices.

Parents know how children behave initially, said Tara Pace, executive director of Consider WNY Wellness.

If isolation, anger, irritability, or frequent, unexpected crying surface, that’s something to worry about.

Tara Pace Envision Wellness

“We have a lot of families calling in need of services for their children and there are waiting lists everywhere,” says Tara Pace, executive director of Envision Wellness WNY.

Photo courtesy of Envision Wellness WNY

“They may not have the words to explain what’s going on,” she said, “and that’s okay. A counselor can help you and your child understand this.

Envision Wellness has been serving adults with mental health needs since the mid-1970s, when it was known as the North West Community Mental Health Center.

The nonprofit agency changed its name and name almost three years ago when Pace became executive director, and last week opened its first clinic to serve children aged 5 to 18, as well as some up to 21 with developmental delays.