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BHSH opens behavioral health clinic for young people

A regional health system has announced the opening of a new clinic designed for the mental health needs of adolescents.

BHSH Spectrum Health West Michigan opened a new Youth Behavioral Health Clinic on Monday, September 26 at 1545 68th St. SE, Suite 200.

The new location is designed to support adolescents and young adults aged 15-25 with a team of providers experienced in assessing, testing and diagnosing young people as they transition to adulthood, a period where young people take up the challenges of finding independence, creating new social ties and thinking about major life choices.

The team, which includes Dora Hillman, DO; Rebecca Hershman, LMSW; Catherine Miller, PA-C and Benjamin Bizar-Stanton, PhD JD, who will join the clinic in January 2023, will offer psychiatry, psychological testing and psychotherapy services to help address the specific mental health needs faced by patients younger.

“This clinic is being created to provide early access to this population, so they are not lost in longer wait times in locations with services for all ages,” said Andrea Finnigan, Senior Health Specialist. communications, Spectrum Health.

“Patients transitioning from adolescence to adulthood often have to change clinics, and we want to facilitate this transition to ensure that mental health care does not slip through the cracks. With this clinic, we want to ensure that they continue to receive appropriate care and early in their adult life.

The Youth Behavioral Health Clinic will diagnose and treat depression, anxiety, mood disorders and ADHD, in addition to treating patients with adjustment issues and offering therapy and testing in based on patient needs.

“Half of mental illnesses begin before age 14,” said Dr. Subodh Jain, division chief of psychiatry at BHSH Spectrum Health West Michigan. “By opening this clinic and targeting care to this age group, we hope to be able to catch patients early, which is key to successful treatment.”