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Billings Clinic Selected to Provide Medical Care in West Yellowstone | New

Billings Clinic press release:

West Yellowstone, MT – The Billings Clinic will provide medical care to the community of West Yellowstone and surrounding areas beginning in January 2023 after the West Yellowstone City Council assigns its health care services to the regional health system. Under the agreement, the clinic building in West Yellowstone will become the site of a Billings Clinic satellite clinic beginning January 1, 2023.

Earlier this year, the City of West Yellowstone solicited proposals for the delivery of health care services to the greater West Yellowstone community. Council voted unanimously in May to select the Billings Clinic to provide health care services after January 1, 2023. On July 19, City Council approved the contractual arrangement which outlines specific details and formally grants to the Billings Clinic the service agreement.

“West Yellowstone has always prioritized health care for the community, and we have built a great foundation. This partnership with the Billings Clinic is intended to take local care to the next level,” said Kyle Goltz, Chairman of the West Yellowstone Health Services Advisory Board. Goltz and the other members of the Health Services Advisory Board reviewed all proposals submitted to the City of West Yellowstone and made a recommendation to City Council.

“This partnership provides enhanced, reliable, local access to healthcare professionals and diagnostic testing for residents and visitors to the City of West Yellowstone and the Greater Hebgen Basin,” said City Council Member Lisa Griffith. . “The Billings Clinic has provided a vision for the City of West Yellowstone to improve the level of local, affordable health care available to our residents and visitors year-round. This vision was resounding and made the Billings Clinic our first choice.

Up to 400,000 visitors pass through West Yellowstone each month during the summer. With the next nearest hospital 80 km away, it is essential to ensure that the medical needs of patients – residents, visitors and seasonal workers – in the community are taken care of locally.

The Billings West Yellowstone Clinic will provide family practice services for all ages, same-day services for acute injuries and illnesses, occupational health, x-ray and laboratory services in existing clinic space. As a fully integrated branch clinic, this also includes the Billings Clinic Integrated Electronic Medical Record used across all of its locations for streamlined communication and easy, secure access to clinical information to optimize patient care.

“Providing care locally to the community and surrounding area is a top priority for the Billings Clinic and we are excited to work with West Yellowstone to make this happen,” said Clint Seger, MD, regional medical director for the Billings Clinic. “The West Yellowstone City Council has been passionate from the start to meet the unique and specific needs of the community, and we look forward to keeping people close to home for their care and joining the community.”

The Billings Clinic has 20 affiliate clinics and branches in Montana and Wyoming and this clinic will become the Billings Clinic’s eighth fully integrated regional site. It should be noted that West Yellowstone will join three other affiliated facilities surrounding Yellowstone National Park at Red Lodge, Livingston and Cody, WY. Other branches include Billings Clinic Heights and West (Billings), Stillwater Billings Clinic (Columbus), Billings Clinic Cody (Cody, Wyo.), Billings Clinic Miles City (Miles City), Billings Clinic Broadwater (Townsend), and Billings Clinic Bozeman ( Bozeman). Staff, providers and patients will have access to the expertise and resources of the region’s largest independent health system.

The clinic will be housed in the current West Yellowstone clinic building. While the clinic’s operations will be owned and operated by the Billings Clinic, the City of West Yellowstone has agreed to share the financial risk by contributing to operational losses. This arrangement makes it possible to provide those health care services that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

“Having medical providers who can work effectively to meet local needs is important to the community,” Griffith said. “The City of West Yellowstone makes a significant financial contribution each year to facilitate local and affordable health care services. The Billings Clinic’s commitment to raising the level of services provided has made City Council feel confident that it is making the best choice to meet the needs of the community.