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Bukit Batok Clinic receives crank calls after viral dispute, insists on zero tolerance against harassment

Bukit Batok Clinic reports spike in crank calls after virus shock

When incidents attract massive attention after being reported in the news, public fury can take a while to die down. If companies are involved, chances are they will be tricked and harassed.

This was evident throughout the ongoing saga of the highly viral argument captured outside a clinic in Bukit Batok. An altercation between the Everhealth Family Clinic receptionist and a woman quickly spread like wildfire on social media.

Bukit Batok clinic staff kick pram after woman throws objects at it, investigations are ongoing

Everhealth Medical and Family Clinic has since apologized for the incident, adding that it reprimanded its employee and furloughed her.

However, they also reported receiving an increased number of calls from Cranks asking for details about the incident. Following the harassment, the clinic reminded netizens that it had a zero-tolerance policy toward employee abuse.

Bukit Batok clinic reports crank calls after dispute

On Wednesday April 20, the Everhealth Medical and Family Clinic revealed that its staff and doctor were suffering from “relentless blame”.

Source: Facebook

They urged the public to be aware of a government policy of zero tolerance towards abuse and harassment of healthcare workers since February 2021. According to the Ministry of Health, they would not hesitate to take appropriate action when such incidents would occur.

The clinic added a comment under a separate post saying it was getting crank calls.

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These calls often harassed them for details of the dispute, affecting their hours of operation.

Additionally, the clinic feared increased harassment of the receptionist due to her involvement in the incident.

Netizens also filed several negative reviews against the clinic, lowering its rating on Google Reviews to 1.5.

Ongoing investigation into an incident at the Bukit Batok clinic

The impact of the incident was not limited to the increased receipt of crank calls.

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Speaking to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Singapore Police (SPF) reported receiving multiple police reports regarding the incident on Thursday, April 21. An investigation into the situation is currently underway.

They were unable to confirm whether the clinic made all the reports.

The dispute at the clinic first came to public attention on Monday (April 18) through a video showing the receptionist kicking a pram and shouting at a woman.

Shortly after, another video appeared on Reddit, depicting another side to the incident.

Source: Reddit

In the clip, the woman harasses the receptionist before pushing the flyer on reception.

The incident has since become highly controversial. The clinic apologized for the incident and said the receptionist had been placed on leave.

Treat caregivers with respect

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of the general controversy surrounding highly viral incidents. However, we must remember that the parties involved in the conflict may also want to move on.

An individual’s actions certainly do not reflect the company as a whole. The clinic does not deserve punishment for a single situation.

Hopefully this clinic and members of the public can move on soon after the incident.

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