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Business News | Anand Hearing Sound Center; professionally run health care clinic for hearing impaired opened in delhi

New Delhi [India]March 4 (ANI/NewsSee): Hearing loss among the Indian population has multiplied and is a major concern in contemporary India, a large portion of which is made up of children aged 0-14.

The WHO has estimated that a total of 63 million Indians are severely affected by hearing impairment, which negatively impacts their quality of life.

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Moreover, India lacks the necessary infrastructural support and resources to provide hearing care and management to international standards under one roof.

Widex India Pvt. ltd. has a tradition of providing exceptional hearing aids with an emphasis on the latest technology and cutting-edge craftsmanship. They understand how important sound is and aim for everyone to experience every moment of life unadulterated. With this mission in mind to provide the most natural sound under one roof, the one-of-a-kind Anand Hearing Sound Center was inaugurated today by Avinash Pawar, CEO of Widex India Pvt. ltd. and former Test cricketer and sound partner Padma Shri Syed Kirmani, in partnership with TS Anand – industry veteran and former managing director of Widex India from 1996 to 2012, and Anup Anand – chief executive, Anand Hearing Sound Centre.

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Recognized as a powerful partnership between a leading manufacturer and a professional distributor with a formidable track record, this concept is bound to be above the rest in terms of service and quality.

Speaking to the media at the launch today, Avinash Pawar said, “The Anand Hearing Sound Center is a world-class premium center that caters to the hearing needs of every generation. It is fully equipped with a sound station and an accessory lounge, so users and their caregivers can experience the connectivity and clarity of sounds without any distortion. This gives the patient an opportunity to witness the sound of the hearing aid before buying one, as well as caregivers who can also get hands-on experience and feel the difference in most natural, pure sound from Moment hearing aids compared to other hearing aids.”

Speaking to the media on the occasion, TS Anand – Director of Anand Hearing Sound Center said, “The main ideology and commitment behind Anand Hearing Sound Center is to develop a world-class, state-of-the-art hearing care infrastructure. of technology, thereby improving the standard of hearing management and services offered to the deaf in South Delhi. We are excited to partner with a world-class organization like Widex to pilot this concept.

Anand Hearing Sound Center is one of the leading players in the hearing care industry in the city of New Delhi. With a clear vision to provide a complete one-stop solution for people with hearing loss, along with the latest technology and support. Anand Hearing Sound Center is a fully equipped center with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and professional support to a plethora of varied patients, treating pediatric, adult and geriatric patients.

Sound Partner Syed Kirmani, a Widex hearing aid user who swears by the most natural and pure sound quality from Widex hearing aids, was also present at the Anand Hearing Sound Center’s inaugural event. Widex Moment is the most advanced hearing aid offered by Widex. It delivers pure, natural sound never before created with zero-delay technology, taking Widex to new heights as a company.

The new Sound Center will offer end-to-end personalized solutions to meet everyone’s hearing challenges, from diagnosis for children with communication and hearing impairments to the provision of hearing aids and speech therapy tailored to individual needs and requirements.

Anand Hearing Care is North India’s leading chain of comprehensive hearing care clinics specializing in the distribution of hearing aids, cochlear implants, audio diagnostics and speech therapy. With a chain of 14 centers in Chandigarh Trinity, Punjab, Delhi NCR and Mumbai – it is also one of the largest and most trusted distributors for hearing aids in these cities.

Widex India is a wholly owned subsidiary of WS Audiology. We are based in Delhi. We have a strong network of authorized distributors all over India. With a 20-year heritage in India, Widex India has many firsts under its name, as it was the first company to offer fully digital hearing aids, we were the first to launch artificial intelligence powered hearing aids and machine learning. Our latest offering to the Indian market i:e Widex Moment is the first hearing aid to feature Zero Delay technology, making our hearing aids as natural as possible. Our latest product offering on the market is a Behind the Easy rechargeable hearing aid model.


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