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Business of the Week: Elite Male T Clinic

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The Wausau firm featured this week is a low-key clinic designed for men looking to get the most out of their mental and physical well-being. Launched in July 2020, Elite Male T Clinic was created out of passion to help men lead the best lives possible. Owner and nurse practitioner Anne Ivaska said she always had a passion for wellness, anti-aging and hormone management, eventually opening the clinic to focus on her passion. The clinic has grown steadily ever since; so much so that the team recently moved to a larger space in Wausau at 625 S. 24th Ave., Suite 34, and also has an office in Eau Claire. Ivaska collaborates with Dr. Marco Araujo, Medical Director, to focus on men’s wellness, disease prevention and anti-aging strategies. Nurse Krystle Drees and office manager Paulina Twerberg round out the team, creating a warm and friendly environment providing individual and compassionate care. Medical weight loss, athletic and growth hormone optimization, and testosterone replacement therapy are just a few of the services provided by the team at Elite Male T Clinic – all at a reasonable cost.

“Helping people feel better through hormone management is hugely rewarding – relationships have changed, physical transformations have happened and improvements in mental health have been so exciting for me to see with patients,” said Ivaska.

Here, Ivaska shares his vision, the organization’s mission, and what every man should know about protecting his health now and in the future.

What is your organization’s mission and what makes Elite Male T Clinic different?

Our goal here at the clinic is to provide convenient, personalized care to suit each person’s lifestyle, at an affordable price. We want to encourage as many men as possible to access and benefit from our services.

What services do you offer?

We offer men’s wellness services including testosterone replacement therapy, athletic and growth hormone optimization, sexual dysfunction treatment, and medical weight loss. As the clinic grows, we plan to add other exciting services to come.

What can people expect when they walk through the door on a date? Give me the experience.

From the moment a patient walks into our clinic, we want our clients to feel confident that their health and well-being are in good hands. Our other nurses and I are approachable and welcoming, while providing a space for men to discuss their health issues candidly. We strive to offer concierge-style healthcare and part of our services include unlimited access to our providers. No questions or concerns go unanswered; we try to be available to our patients as much as possible – even outside working hours.

Share with us some of your biggest hits to date. How have you helped your customers?

We have had so many wonderful successes with our patients here at EMTC. One of the most rewarding things that excites me personally is when patients are able to wean off their anxiety or depression medications after bringing their testosterone back to normal levels. It’s also very exciting to see our patients getting promotions at work and being able to really propel their careers forward with the confidence that improved testosterone levels provide.

What is the most rewarding thing about the job you do?

The greatest reward is seeing our patients’ lives change for the better in ways they never thought possible.

What do you wish more people knew about what you do?

I wish more men would realize that the negative things they experience aren’t just “part of the natural aging process.” Testosterone is an important hormone. It can prevent men from being irritable, motivate them to succeed, boost libido, increase muscle mass, sharpen memory and increase energy. Our services help restore this hormone and fight against the aging process. Men no longer have to settle for less due to aging.

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