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Cancer patients receive a free initial consultation at UC Clinic

The fight against cancer can take a toll on a patient’s body, and the effects of the disease and treatments can be debilitating.

The University of Canberra Cancer Wellness Clinic aims to support patients during the worst time of their lives by developing a holistic paramedical treatment plan designed to alleviate treatment-related side effects.

Now, thanks to a generous donation of $15,000 per year from the Capital Chemist Group for three years, up to 250 cancer patients per year can receive their first consultation free of charge.

Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018, Cassandra Bennett, 42, recently had her first sponsored consultation at the Clinic and says such assistance is “essential” for cancer patients to help them take their health in hand.

“When you get a diagnosis like this, it feels like your treatment is out of your control,” says Ms Bennett.

She now has a tailored treatment plan after clinic staff took her full medical history and tested her physiological and cognitive functions.

“This type of wellness plan can help patients get back to some of their treatment, and it’s a key part of survival,” Bennett says.

Melanie Moore, clinical supervisor in exercise physiology, says offering a free initial consultation can really make a difference in getting more cancer patients through.

“We know now, more than ever, that healthcare affordability is a challenge, so to be able to help patients with a donation of this magnitude is incredible,” says Ms. Moore.

Owner and pharmacist at Capital Chemist Charnwood, Samantha Kourtis, says community pharmacists feel and experience the “heartbeat of the community” every day.

“We see many patients during and after cancer treatment, and we see the challenges and struggles they face, so it’s so important to help fund a program that provides support with nutrition, exercise and mental health,” says Kourtis.

For any inquiries about the paramedical health services offered at the UC Cancer Wellness Clinic call (02) 6201 5843 or email [email protected]

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