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Casmu creates a sexual medicine clinic – Information – 02/27/2022

Thousands of people have sexual dysfunctions and cannot access specialists on the subject. To respond to these situations, considering both members and non-members, Casmu opened a clinic specializing in Sexual Medicine.

This space is located in the Bulevar Medical Center, located at Bulevar Artigas 1305, on the corner of Guaná.

“This is a service aimed at the entire population who suffers from a problem of a sexual nature or who has a simple concern on the subject. There is a tendency to think that only dysfunctions of this type are treated, but any doubt about human sexuality or its expression is understandable.

Anyone can go to the polyclinic without needing to get a pass from a specialist or doctor,” explained Dr. Natalia Fusco, who runs the clinic with her colleagues Soledad Ríos and Verónica Berardo.

The three are part of the first generation of professionals with degrees in sexual medicine at the University of the Republic, a training that has allowed them to carry out this project with the aim of addressing people’s sexuality in its different aspects through the age group, from birth to old age.

“Once received, we understood that we had to leave room for the knowledge acquired, because the three of us consider that sexuality is an essential part of health care in Uruguay. A general medicine doctor is not trained in this subject and often doctors do not ask their patients about their sexuality, because they do not have the appropriate tools to deal with it. There aren’t many trained people, it’s hard to talk about, and the user doesn’t feel comfortable lifting it if you don’t give them the space either,” Fusco said. .

Dare to consult
Berardo, Fusco and Ríos agree on the importance of being encouraged to talk about different aspects of sexuality in order to break certain myths that are created around a theme that, for many, tends to remain private. In this sense, Fusco highlighted the value of this Casmu Clinic and invited the public to raise any doubts or difficulties.

Doctors Verónica Berardo, Natalia Fusco and Soledad Ríos.
The clinic is in charge of Casmu doctors Verónica Berardo, Natalia Fusco and Soledad Ríos

As he mentioned, most of the cases treated at the Casmu Sexual Medicine Clinic in its first month of operation were from men. Although couples with various concerns have also arrived, it is recommended that the first consultation be individual. In terms of age, it was adults between 40 and 60 who frequently participated.

For the expert, the idea is that children accompanied by an adult and teenagers and older adults can also go. “Specific training makes it possible to deal with different situations, taking into account the characteristics of each one. We can even help those parents who don’t know how to talk about certain topics with their little ones or what is the most appropriate way to respond when the child starts asking questions: from the onset of sexual activity to how babies are born,” he pointed.

Regarding the reasons for consultation, Fusco clarified that there are several, such as anorgasmia or pain during sexual intercourse, but the main ones are erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men and lack of sexual desire in women.

Although many tools are not necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis and many times the patient knows what the problem is, there are cases in which it is advisable to consult another specialist to have a different opinion on the relevance of a diagnosis. physical examination or any relevant aspect to be studied in depth to determine if there is anything that could add to the solution of the dysfunction that the patient brings. However, treatments are usually based on psychoeducation and sex therapy.

Attention schedule

The Casmu Sexual Medicine Clinic is open to the public on the first, third and fourth Wednesday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and the second Wednesday of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Casmu members can book by phone via number 144 option 2 or in person in different medical centers. In this case, they will only pay for a specialized order.

In the meantime, non-members of the establishment should consult the sale of services by calling 2487 37 10, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:00, or by mobile phone and WhatsApp on 092 135 254 / 094 672 648. it is possible to send an email to [email protected] or access the establishment’s website