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City of Amarillo Health Department opens larger clinic May 16

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Amarillo Public Health Department is opening a larger clinic in the city on May 16.

The city of Amarillo said its health department has outgrown its location at 1000 Martin Rd.

Therefore, a new location is opening a few doors away on Monday, May 16, at 850 Martin Rd.

City officials said this newly renovated clinical facility will allow the health department to better meet public health needs.

“We were truly fortunate to have a building right next to our former location that meets our needs as APHD continues to grow in the future,” said the city’s director of public health. of Amarillo, Casie Stoughton. “We had simply run out of space in the old building.”

The new building is 17,061 square feet compared to the old building’s 11,632 square feet.

The new clinic will have approximately 40 municipal staff, 24 patient rooms, a nursing station and laboratory space.

The old building at 1000 Martin Rd. will be used for non-clinical services.

“The extra space was our main need,” Stoughton said. “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our team lacked space. With the addition of staff (some COVID related and some not) the new building is essential.

The renovation project cost $1.9 million, but city funds went unused.

The new clinic was funded by a state-administered program.

“Without the new building, the APHD could not grow,” Stoughton said. “With this addition, we can now seek grants that expand clinical and non-clinical services that meet the needs of our community.”

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