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City suspends construction of downtown mental health clinic for public hearing | New

TUCSON (KVOA) – An update now for a planned mental health clinic in a downtown Tucson neighborhood.

On Tuesday night, News 4 Tucson shared the story of a neighbor who started a petition to stop construction of an outpatient psychiatric clinic for city workers.

There are several upset neighbors in the Peter Howell neighborhood. They are frustrated that the city has already begun construction of a city-owned single-family home into an outpatient mental health clinic.

Now News 4 Tucson has learned that the city has put the project on hold to allow neighbors to voice their concerns at a public hearing.

“It will also reduce property values ​​in this area,” said neighborhood resident Sonya Irey. “Property values ​​go up, but if there’s more congestion, more traffic, it’s no longer a quiet dead end, so we’re all going to suffer.”

“The city has put the project on hold and we’ll let the neighbors present their case to the adjustments board. I think they lose this case 10 out of 10 times,” Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik said. “What we’re talking about is a mental health counseling center that will house two counselors in a residential area reserved for city employees. They will see three to five clients a day.”

The date for the hearing has not yet been set.

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