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Clinic that keeps women away from abortions vandalized, Baton Rouge police say | Crime/Police

A medical clinic that blocks women from getting abortions was vandalized on Tuesday, police said, in the second foul play to take place at a Baton Rouge health center amid nationwide unrest over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to Baton Rouge police spokesman Lt. Don Coppola, officers were dispatched to the Women’s New Life Center to investigate reports of vandalism just before 6:30 a.m.

Photos of the Colonial Drive building taken Tuesday afternoon show phrases like “fake clinic” and “not sure” written in red spray paint along the building’s panels and windows.

These centers have come under heavy criticism for promoting their use of an “abortion pill reversal” procedure, which some medical experts, including the American Medical Association and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, say , has not undergone adequate safety testing.

On its website, the clinic, which also has a location in New Orleans, lists pregnancy testing, natural family planning, gynecological exams and post-abortion counseling among its services. It does not reference abortions or advertise artificial methods of birth control.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has been a vocal opponent of the reverse abortion method, saying anti-abortion clinics often mislead women seeking post-abortion care by using inaccurate information about the effectiveness of abortion. the procedure.

Last July, Governor John Bel Edwards signed into law a Republican-backed bill that required Louisiana doctors performing abortions to inform patients about abortion pill reversal treatments.

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Coppola said Tuesday that no arrests in the incident have been made.

The vandalism is the second incident to occur at a Baton Rouge medical clinic since the Supreme Court ruled on June 24 to return abortion rights rulings to the states. Louisiana had a trigger law in place imposing an immediate ban, but a district court judge on Tuesday issued an order temporarily overturning the ban pending a hearing on Monday.

Last Thursday, an employee of the nearby Delta Clinic, which provides abortions and other medical services, was accused of hitting an anti-abortion activist with a stick and smashing his phone.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, a man films himself trying to enter the Delta Clinic before being told to leave by another employee. The man can be heard saying he is trying to deliver a letter to the clinic reminding him that the Louisiana attorney general’s office has declared performing abortions in the state a crime.

The man proceeds to open the door to the clinic and is confronted by a woman in a lab coat, later identified as 50-year-old Teresina Carter. Carter can be seen on the video swinging a wooden stick at the protester, who drops a phone he was carrying. The video then shows Carter picking up the phone and throwing it on the floor just inside the clinic doors.

Baton Rouge police later said they received a call from someone at the clinic about a man breaking and entering.

Carter received a subpoena for aggravated assault and criminal damage to property. Police said the protester does not currently face any charges.