Clinic business

Columbus Lakeview hosts a ball control clinic to defeat rival Scotus, 28-7.


Reigning C-1 class champion Columbus Lakeview held a ‘ball control / how to control the line of scrimmage’ clinic tonight in their 28-7 win over rivals Cross Town

Coach Kurt Frenzen, who had limited Landon Ternus to about 10 carries per game, turned the 5-11, 205-pound running back for 147 yards on 24 carries and a touchdown in the regular-season finale for the two teams.

Ternus followed an offensive line that trumped Scotus by an average of 39 pounds per man for a memorable performance, as he trailed Scotus’ tackles for

big yards after contact gain time after time tonight.

When Ternus, who has deceptive speed, didn’t make life difficult for a very good Scotus defense, his senior classmate Owen Bargen did the same, as the 5-9, 160-pound senior twisted, turned and was heading for 93 meters. 13 litters.

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Both defenses shone in the first quarter, as Lakview forced a 3-and-on on the Shamrocks’ first drive of the contest, and the Rocks stopped a Lakeview drive at the Scotus 19-yard line.

Scotus made progress on his second possession, only to see a pair of false start penalties spin the Rocks every time they gained significant yards.

The Shamrocks were eventually forced to throw from their own 44-yard line and second Cohen Pelan unleashed a howitzer boot that carried to the Lakeview 13-yard line.

It was then, with 1:53 to go in the first stanza, that the Vikings clinic on ball control began.

Lakeview, who threw the football just 8 times all night, mixed passing and running to fashion a beauty of an 87-yard, 11-play drive that consumed 4 minutes and 33 seconds behind. 6-2, 190-pound quarterback Brenden Sloup entered the game to complete the drive with his 1-yard dive, his first of three 1-yard touchdowns on the night.

Vikings sophomore quarterback Clayton Thomson hit Braxton Borer twice on the drive with passes for 23 and 5 yards.

The home court Shamrocks almost answered straight on the drive that followed. Starting on his own 34, Scotus moved straight onto the turf of Pawnee Park, cutting his way through the eerie ground fog.

The Rocks overcame another pair of false start violations, advancing to the Lakeview 20-yard line. Trenton Cielocha nearly had a touchdown pass on the next play, but Lakeview was whistled for a pass interference call in the end zone and Scotus was in business with a first-and-goal on the 10-yard line. Vikings.

A pair of 3-yard runs from Henry Ramaekers had Scotus in position to tie the game at seven apiece, only to see the Shamrocks flagged for a 15-yard block below the size penalty.

Facing a situation of 2nd and 22nd, Trenton Cielocha tried to squeeze a pass between two Lakeview defenders, only to see it picked to thwart the drive.

The real backbreaker in the game for Scotus came during Lakeview’s opener in the third quarter. It was then that Kurt Frenzen decided to ride the mighty legs of Landon Ternus. The bruiser Ternus, who had just 30 yards on 8 bins in the first half, got to work punishing the Scotus defense with his murderous runs.

Lakeview’s offense consumed 4:21 of the third quarter on the 10-play run that ended with another 1-yard shot from Brenden Sloup.

It was still a ball game before 4th and quarter money, with Lakeview leading just 14-0, but the Vikings once again turned to Ternus, who led his team to another practice time-consuming (4 minutes, 44 seconds).

Ternus’ 7-yard touchdown run capped the drive and now the Vikings had a 21-0 lead with 8:04 left in the game.

SCOTUS wasted no time in responding to Ternus’ touchdown run, making it a sharp minute. Slick senior quarterback Trenton Cielocha then called the play, took a step back after receiving the center snap, then ran 59 yards for a touchdown, bringing the Shamrock faithful back to life.

Cielocha threw his own PAT through the uprights and the Rocks were back in business, but when the ensuing inbound kick traveled less than 10 yards, Lakview was back in business with a first down at Scotus’ 44-yard line.

Nine plays later, QB Brenden Sloup followed his tight, O-Line formation for his third one-yard touchdown, and the game was out of reach at 28-7 with one minute and 38 seconds left in the game.


Landon Ternus led all rushers with 147 yards on 24 carries. Owen Bargen added 93 yards on 13 bins, while senior Brenden Sloup made the most of his 10 yards on 6 carries with three runs scored. The 190-pound quarterback only came into the game when Lakeview needed a first down or touchdown, going 6 for 6 in that department… THREE touchdowns and SIX first downs.

The Lakeview quarterbacks completed 5 of 9 passes for 63 yards to go with the Vikings 279 rushing yards.

Scotus was led by the aerial and rushing play of Trenton Cielocha. The Shamrock senior completed 12 of 17 passes for 113 yards and rushed for an additional 67 yards on just 7 touches. Hard-running sophomore Henry Ramaekers had 48 yards on 10 attempts, while 190-pound senior Jackson Faust added 33 more yards on 8 bins, all on throw sweeps.

Lakeview ends the season with a 7-2 record while Scotus finishes at 6-3. Both teams are now waiting for playoff pairings to be released Saturday morning to find out where they will play next Friday.

Lakeview appears to be heading for a 7th seed, which would create a rematch with Wahoo. Scotus, who is currently listed as the 16th and final seed, is reportedly considering a trip to Aurora to face the No. 1 seeded Huskies.

These predictions are very unofficial, as you might guess.


Columbus Lakeview (7-2)….0……..7……..7…….14……….28

Columbus Scotus (6-3)……..0……..0…….0……..7…………7

2nd Quarter…………………………………………………………..CL-CS

CL- Brenden Sloup 1 run..PAT- Miguel Callum Kick (9:20)….7 – 0

CL- Brenden Sloup 1 run..PAT- Miguel Callum Kick (6:29)…14 – 0

CL- Landon Ternus 7 run..PAT- Miguel Callum Kick (8:04)..21 – 0

CS- Trenton Cielocha 59 run..PAT – Cielocha Kick (7:05)…….21 – 7

CL- Brenden Sloup 1 run..PAT- Miguel Callum Kick (6:29)….28 -7